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  1. Same here man Signed in! Just keep trying and trying you'll eventually get in.
  2. I don't think is shit, I mean it looks too standard, like the icons should be different or the overall layout of the app but I really like the concept.
  3. I just practically ruined the game for myself by reading one of those shitty articles about the game on google. Fuck. Can't believe they didn't even warn for spoilers.
  4. You don't get it, this guy has been whining about GTA V's driving physics, damage and shit since he joined. It's extremely annoying and stupid.
  5. Ugh you guys are so lucky, I don't get my copy till 3-6pm on the 17th.
  6. Anytime fifty! And lol me too, discounts, discounts everywhere!
  7. Sorry about that fitty, and I wonder if we'll get some other extra info. With the two-sided map like islands, hidden roads, etc...
  8. I found a pic that's should help with the scale of the map on the comments of an IGN article of the leaked map, ***WARNING***it is a gameplay pic*** (I don't know how to place a pic in a spoiler tag on a phone at least so here's the link) <snip> Scroll down to the comments, and there should be one idiot who posted the pic saying "LEAKEEED" Edit: never mind here's the link for the pic not the comments
  9. Amazing job Dup and Fitty, I'm really astonished by how close you guys got the map, and to be so accurate! Every highway, street, everything! Thanks guys! Also Dup, that gif, wow, I knew the map was big, but that shows that is huge!
  10. I'm wondering how the planes, especially the big ones will work, and if we can even get our hands on them. I even saw some flaps down on the big plane going down the runway, and if the jet engines can make cars fly away. This screenshots raise many questions for me, but I have to say these are one of the best.
  11. Optimum you want the radio stations logo with a white outline?
  12. Michael with a beard? And Trevor with a polo shirt? Shit just got real.
  13. I was just asking myself the same exact thing! And If it hasn't been removed where would this be? cause I don't see a place where this forest and hugemoungous mountain would go in the map. I'm really wondering where this is.
  14. What could that structure be then? Same thing but in another location/mountain? And you guys are too damn good with those pic-connections.
  15. Love that map! Great job Dup! Also on the first scene of "The official trailer", I found an structure on the mountains that could be that of the Pala Springs Aerial Tramway, check it out:
  16. Well on the brochure that's lshowing the aerial tramway of pala springs, you can see some snow on the mountain. Now that's only the mountain, I don't know about a town.
  17. It's not popularity, is how good it fits the content of the trailer. Is not like all the songs from previous trailers were popular.
  18. Search before you talk... The Chain Gang of 1974 - Sleepwalking is on SoundCloud.