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  1. A bit off-topic here I think, but, did any of you notice the WW2 like plane in one ofthe new screenshots of Michael?... [Edit]: Sorry for repeated pics... had trouble uploading.
  2. Hmm that's a thing, the only bike we've seen in the trailer was missing its front wheel. Not really after the trailer we saw a screenshot under the name of "transportation" which features a bicycle, complete and running or it could be customization.
  3. Yeah like it's been already a year since the trailer, improvements have been made since then. And also don't go into much detail you don't need good backlights or whatever to like the game, do you? Just wait its going to be awesome!
  4. Not being an as* but how do you know thats what they mean? Believe Im from Colombia - Bogota (one of those cities) and I know R* wouldn't go there.
  5. I know they are citites lol but what do they have to do with R*? Headquarters, studios,etc?
  6. So I was browsing the R* website for some new info. about GTA5 (nothing :/), but when I look at the top-right corner of the site it says: "New York London Paris Bogota". These are not links they are just text. And is pretty weird since I was born in Bogota, that's Colombia and I have never heard of R* headquarters overthere. I even looked up R* Colombia or something like that, but no luck. Now, what do these cities mean for R*? (If a mod locks it because its not posted on the right section, then where can I post this, thanks)
  7. Guys! Guys! Im not hating the graphics! Instead, I love them! I just think they may need little retouches if not they are still awesome like that. Now what do you guys think?
  8. That's true, this game will have far better graphics than IV and is going to be huge everything can't be that perfect, though, but I'm ok with that! We are talking about R* and GTA5!
  9. Ok so I was looking at the official screencaps, when I came up with the Vapid cop car chasing down the red car and I saw that the graphics on the car were not the best, at least what we are not expecting from GTA 5. Also the house with the tennis court, the bushes look flat like if they were made of some sort of clay and not leaves. Now, do you guys think R* will improve this? or what is shown is done already? I think they will go back and do like little refinements to these...
  10. I see an announcement at the very end of this month and a trailer on October 15th maybe.