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  1. No prisons please, Im not worried though as Rockstar would not include this in the game because they want us exploring the great countryside and Los Santos they have spent so much time making, not being stuck in a small prison like rats in a cage. It could be interesting the first time in prison, but would get old quick and would become very annoying.
  2. I think San Fierro is more likely than Las Venturas because Las Venturas doesnt seem like a good standalone city for a GTA game. I would rather see a San Fierro GTA
  3. illmatic

    360 vs PS3

    I like 360 because it is what my friends play. I dont own a ps3 so i cannot compare them but they both have advantages and it is just personal preference. I also like the feel of the 360 controller
  4. Lol. You can have another try but be more careful this time because you basically just handed me your queen
  5. Does anyone know who micahriecker is?
  6. This is exactly what i picture myself doing. I like to see my surroundings and get a vibe for the setting then go start missions / bullshit around
  7. These look amazing. I honestly dont want more screenshots of the countryside though. I want more surprises when i play the game and explore. But the screenshots with cars, weapons, etc. keep them coming
  8. I predict a few screenshots in a few weeks like they said then like a week after a new trailer
  9. That would be me. Illmatic username was taken.
  10. Yes i agree robbing minigames would be better than tennis but knowing rockstar they will put both in to satisfy all play styles. And hitting grenades with a tennis racket would be hilarious but i'd say a .001% chance thats put in lol
  11. I wouldnt care if they put bowling or darts back but the dirt bike races, tennis, and golf (if we play actual holes, not just a driving range) i could see being fun and a good addition to the game. Just as long as they dont get boring quickly like bowling.
  12. Welcome, great album by the way. Thanks man. I know good music and i dont just listen to hip hop i listen to any band/hip hop artist who has creativity and has some kind of message. Not like the new hip hop/pop garbage.
  13. Never seen it, but sounds like my kind of show lol. What channel?
  14. My favorite comedies (no particular order): South Park Futurama Simpsons Family Guy (earlier seasons) The Office (both versions) Key and Peele Tosh.0