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  1. Playing IV I was I was using a taxi and we hit the police ... I wonder if in V will the taxi driver get a wanted due to the fact that there are dynamic encounters ... Won't be long to find out
  2. What a good way to finish off my birthday
  3. NOS would be nice if this was the early 2000s lol ... nawl i just hope they dont over do it or you get a star if cops see you using it
  4. I think you will just have to wait like in IV after you did not move Niko for awhile he would different things
  5. I will be showing up 8 at and I will be forum watching and chatting until the release hope my phone doesn't die ... Sony better release that game mode for the pulse elites really soon or someone is gonna pay Trevor style
  6. yea i am guessing we will after the game is out i will watch it when i get home, cause im at school right now. Thanks
  7. I cant sign in ... does your SC account pop up on the upper right after you do sign in because I am not getting anything
  8. i was playing iv yesterday so it might be a bad thing. Them being a challenge sounds good in theory. For instance having to make a plan for how you're going to deal with them ( tactics & strategy ). Like having better weapons and equipment before engaging with them, and having a getaway route, or a good defensive position to fall back to. But it could get annoying if you're just screwing around ( fighting NPC's or simulating a "Demolition Derby" in heavy traffic ), and are then put down efficiently by the coppers in under a minute on just a 2-3 Star Wanted Level... But remember they have the cone of vision and range sound. So evading will be easy
  9. gonna need you to yell that over the mic in a store robbery lol
  10. i think they did what they could with the technology ... But I am sure in V it will be way more advanced... I still think that 4 is good ... i dont want to have to run every time i baseball batboy someone in classic Claude fashion for them ducats lol
  11. Wake me up when September starts lol
  12. I got the name Kenge from GTA III but I wanted my own twist on it so I dropped the ji and made it ge and then added my high school number 84 in old Al Bundy fashion