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    The image itself is unremarkable, but I had no access to internet until a little while before I joined GTA-SanAndreas.com. After playing Vice City, I had no idea that they were creating another GTA game until I happened upon this screenshot, it was magical. I don't think I will ever be as excited about a game as I was about San Andreas.
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    Demon, take my advise, if you ever get the chance to play Fallout 3, do it. That game is a masterpiece, and if your computer can handle it (you don't have an Xbox 360 or PS3 to play it on, if I remember correctly?), it has one of the most beautiful game environments you'll ever see. I would recommend Fallout 3 (and New Vegas) to someone who doesn't even play video games, just to stand on top of a hill and take in the scenery, if nothing else.
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    Look at that environment! That screen makes me want to buy and play Fallout 3 so badly. But I haven't got the time for it.
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    meh, the typical boring war shooters like call of duty and battlefield are the ones i don't want to play... i might play modern warfare 2 but, that's it... homefront is a different kind of war shooter but, the others are all mirrored images of each other, and the very reason why i don't like the FPS genre... i am interested in unique games like crysis 2, and call of duty and battlefield are all typical war games... i think i'll pass on those...
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    Yeah, thrash the life out of that nigguh until a sticky substance oozes out, then you'll know you've beaten it.
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    I believe in you, man. I believe you have what it takes to give QD's penis the beating of a lifetime. You can do it, man!
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    wow, my 14 is in second?? for the first time in my life i am popular!! unfortunately i lost to QD's penis in the last FML... but, i've been doing cock pushups in anticipation of our next encounter...
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    The original San Andreas screenshot is still one of my faves. Like most people believe, that probably was the most anticipated game in history and those screens started it all. For some reason this screenshot of Fallout 3 made me desperate to play it though:
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    -10 if i could for starting a topic without material... lemme begin...
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    Crimson's the only person I've known on the internet to have 'butterfly' in their name so, yeah, butterfly if feminine.
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    I don't have permission to report that twat above me? WTF? Edit, lol nevermind.
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    Layer Cake and Football Factory. Layer Cake for the drugs scene and Football Factory for the booze/drugs/gang-life/sex scene. Fuck it, set the actual game in England.
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    Oh cool, can't wait to enter the next FML.
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    http://gamepolitics.com/2011/03/17/jack-thompson-threatens-valve-over-school-shooting-mod Link says it all.
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    One of those late night Roulette Wheel games where you call in to place your bet............and never win. Maybe a parody of COPS........bad boys bad boys, watcha gonna doooo Edit, who voted my Eddie Low idea down? Knobhead!
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    Anyone have any screenshots in mind that either bring back cool memories or just make you sit up and stare? I have one in mind from The Saboteur but I need to find it again, I'll add it later. The very thought of creeping round on a rain soaked night to bag a nazi completely sold the game to me.