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Found 2 results

  1. ----------------------------------------- MONDAY, FEBUARY 4TH, 2013 @ 6:00 PM (EST) 11:00 PM (GMT) -------------------------------------------- HOST: Ku Zi Mu PLATFORM: PS3 AIM: CASUAL (EXPERT IF DESIRED) We'll play a couple of Free For All Deathmatches and a couple of Free For All Goldrushes. Team Matches may follow if we have enough participants. There's not much more else to make clear. RDR's multiplayer isn't as customized as GTAIV If you wanna play, give me your PSN ID. PARTICIPANTS: Ku Zi Mu gtagrl Bronson (maybe) bOnEs GODFATHER (You're playin, honky ) ViceMan (maybe) Qd (maybe) JamieMilne
  2. Platform: PS3 Location: Colony Island Duration: 45 mins Auto-Aim: OFF (Voted for 3/2 in favour) Weapons: Powerful Police: OFF Traffic: Medium Pedestrians: OFF Blips: ON Online I.D Display: ON Reticule Health: ON Voice Chat: ON Respawn Distance: Medium Respawn Time: 1 sec Time of Day: Morning Weather: Clear Dogs: OFF Rape: ON No leaving the designated map or glitching. Winner chooses next event settings. Confirmed Players & Sony Entertainment Network I.D: Marney1 [Marney-1] TreeFitty [therealtreefitty] ViceMan [ViceyThaShizzle] Psy [Psycopsy] bOnEs [artistadam] DuPz0r [bushkaUK] Ku Zi Mu 789 [kuz789] gtagrl [gtagrl] the truth [deathbymanson] Post your iGTA5 member name and SEN I.D. to join the list. FINAL RESULTS
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