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  1. Thought like making something so I made a quick Loading screen to pass some time hope you like it
  2. Then you switch to Franklin and then switch back to Trevor and he's on a rampage wearing only his underwear.
  3. Max payne, I greyed his hair out made him a bit wider and changed the lighting on his model so he wouldn't look out of place. @The Invisible Lines Thanks man appreciate the feedback
  4. Finally got photoshop so I thought I'd do something different and make my own fake screenshot, what do you guys think?
  5. i could see a few different clothing options to help differentiate the hundreds of CJ's and tommy's... There won't be that many of them running around since there are only a certain amount of collector editions out there. After a few months when they release the exlusive DLC to the public then yeah expect a huge wave of Tommy and CJ's running around Los Santos but for now we should be safe lol.
  6. Apparently there is a casino just east of LS, who wants to bet that will be one of the last heists?
  7. Made mine a small line that you can see on the mini map border, it's pretty small but I think it would still get the job done and the line would look less awkward rotating around a rectangle. I like LineEmUps's idea of an arrow that just rotates by itself rather then around the whole map. never thought of that but it would probably be the most ideal solution.
  8. Here's my HUD, it's not very flashy compared to some of the others but this is what I'm guessing the actual HUD will be close to
  9. Made one or two with photoshop when I had a trial but the majority (including this one) were made in powerpoint. Haven't made an emblem yet but I would certainly give it a try in the future.
  10. Thanks GunSmith, didn't realize I posted at the very end of the page so I'll put it on this page aswell
  11. I don't think the woodlands will be too uneventful when we bring a six star chase out there lol. Remember there will be wildlife that we can hopefully hunt, too. Good point forgot abut the wildlife . Still I hope there's more than one city, something that make traversing the countryside more worth it.
  12. This shot is both good and bad for me. On one hand it shows how big the map will be on the other I'm afraid most the map will just be empty woodland areas with not much to do. Don't get me wrong I'm sure I'll like the woodland areas but they are never as interesting as the cities which is a big reason why i wasn't too hot on RDR. I hope R* were lying when they said LS would be the only city, I would be happy if they made a very small San diego area
  13. Why did Michael really move here? I guess it was his bad gas. Back at it again, I'll probably stop making these when R* restarts their marketing campaign but for now here's fanart number 8 I call this one Home Straight.