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  1. That is one detailed big ass shark!! Didn't think they'd take it that far! jaws dropped to the floor once again... Merry Xmas all!
  2. Damn, good looking out dudes! Seems R* is spitting out a few different angled screens every day here and there... :-)
  3. Damn, even the telephone poles have little 'have you seen my cat' flyers on them, that's some crazy ass detail work right there! How about that 'NutSakt' place, a resto or museum? Overall, I'm very impressed (but had no doubts) about the voice acting! The 'Jesus, your psychiatrist has a lot to answer for' part was just hilarious!
  4. @Gunsmith: Getting into Mexico the first time riding towards your first objective with that one-off full song was simply epic... And I don't think the radio stations are something to worry about as long as we still have Lazlow as a co-writer on board, but I do admit that it was a bit less satisfying in IV. Call me old-fashioned, but besides from the music, the radio dialogue and topics were simply perfect in Vice City. Ofcourse they hadn't any Tv shows yet they had to focus on aswell back then. But when reading that 'Radar Love' is gonna be playing on our radios, I can't do anything but be excited of what we'll be hearing over the airwaves! I'm very curious as how they're gonna mix this with the mission based musical score though... Read that they're still figuring that out a bit now?
  5. By the way, in the dutch and french previews nothing new has been said (in case anyone starts wondering) They've been shown the same mission and started out with Michael lying at his pool before going on a bike trip. They did stress the fact that all they could do, even as hardened game journalists, was sit in silence with mouths wide open when they saw the mere scale, detail and draw distance of the game. Edit: apparently the other ones did have some new bits in them, like the song 'Radar Love' by Golden Earring is confirmed (which totally Rocks!) and that you'll be able to buy expensive 'toys', underwater areas are included in the map size they mentioned, and that it should be about 5x size of RDR. ( if the original SA, IV, RDR comparison wasn't enough for you)
  6. Very nice! Johnny Knoxville looks like the comic/insane sidekick of the three...
  7. I don't get what's so fun about these cheats though... Ofcourse it's all a matter of personal fun and taste, but personally, I never use (fun) cheats before the story is done and I've done all there is to do in a game and then I don't usually even bother with them anymore. Maybe it's an age thing? :-) On topic, with IV the first thing I wanted to try was the physics and the way Nico moved his weight, ran and scratched his nutsack when standing still. This time around, I think I'll just get in the car or bike and drive wherever someone tells me to go, coz I'm damn sure that'll be the first bit like in any other gta game Then comes the time to stand still and slowly rotate the camera 360° to enjoy the first views...
  8. Noticed there's some commotion in the Rockstar comments. Apparently something had been said yesterday during the IV MP event where they said to watch the newswire today... I wouldn't be surprised if they just hit us with another trailer without a warning. (regardless of their previous statement that it could take a while)
  9. I sure as hell am always up for a game of tennis! And as for the rest, bare in mind that IV was in lots of ways a test of where they could take the series. They implemented a lot of good stuff, but on a small scale. E.g. moral choices... there were few and didn't really affect the outcome too much (except for a small alternate ending and a couple of extra sidemissions) The friend thing they took over from SA and built on that, I'm sure they listened to the community feedback afterwards and fine-tuned that so it happens less frequently, you just call up someone instead of vice versa or there's a bigger reward when agreeing to this. In any case, I can't wait to go on various types of triathlon in the countryside! :-)
  10. Indeed, just saw the update! Tennis court one looks amazing (can't find another word for it) :-D
  11. That looks... amazing! Where was this posted? It's not on the official site but saw it appear on different gamesites along with a 'so called' confirmation by Zavvy of a Nov 23rd release, which sounds a bit too optimistic to me.
  12. I'm pretty sure we're still a little way off from release given the fact that for any 'normal' game Rockstar makes, there's about 3 years of development time involved... They were already working on V when they were working on RDR and MP3. This is their biggest game yet so I'll gladly let them work for another year... This will be the pinnacle of current gen technology.
  13. Yep, just read it Awesome! So it seems we'll be getting some more screens soon and a new trailer after that... But given the fact that it's their biggest game yet and they honestly say they don't show anything unless they're 100% certain it's gonna be there in the end product, I don't see a 2012 release anymore. Which is fine though, as long as some snippets of info are being fed to us here and there...