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  1. I think i'd rather have micro amounts of fluoride (i'm pretty sure your liver deals with this anyway) than cholera. On topic: i've only smoked it once, an I didn't feel anything. Apparently it doesn't always work first time, i've not bothered since.
  2. I have no understanding of the economic crisis whatsoever. Therefore, fuck Greece, fuck the EU and fuck Sepp Blatter. And fuck Germany too.
  3. I must say, it looks dope though.
  4. If you're only investing a small amount of money, maybe you should try your hand at CFD trading. High risk, high return and short term. You can only lose as much as you invest and no more, if you become skilled at it, you can make a lot of money on the current volatile market. Otherwise I would invest in Take2, thats an almost guarantee. But you can make a way lot more money on CFD trading.
  5. What about it? I thought you were going to kill him. His is probably one of the most retarded posts i've ever seen.
  6. maybe the shadow on the buildings are too blue? Considering the lighting looks like sunset/rise, i think the building shadows would be a different colour, darker (black) maybe. Those shadows look like they're coming from moon lighting
  7. It's not really a big feature so it'll be all the shit we've already covered.
  8. Adding a speedometer would indirectly give GTA a scale. Which I don't believe they've ever done, or plan on doing. For example, if you're doing 360 km per hour (= 0.1 km per second), and it takes you 10 seconds to cross a bridge. The bridge would equate to 1 km, and you could use that to scale the entire map and calculate distances. Then everything would have to be relative (and probably realistic) of these measurements, including the speed of planes, running, boats etc. I don't think I can see that happening.
  9. Indy


    There it is done I'm pretty sure thats a quote from titanic... Actually? That would be upsetting... I think you may have dodged a bullet, depending on how you look at it.
  10. Does using a staff increase your skill in that magic school?
  11. Indy


    There it is done I'm pretty sure thats a quote from titanic...
  12. This thread is too dead for all the content!!!! So i'm going to unload some random shit: Still haven't met any dragon lords yet and i'm level 36! I want to get all of those masks, btw don't sell or lose any. Collect them, they're important if you want an additional final mask. I've managed to get 96%+ enchantments on fortify one-handed, as well as the one-handed perks which give 100% fortify. This means 196% more one-handed damage, sweet. The enchanting and smithing trees are definitely worth investing in, they can improve your combat ability a lot. I'm really enjoying the deadric quests, they're probably my favourite type so far. The companions guild quest line was kind of disappointing, not very challenging and the rewards weren't that great. Quite enjoying the thieves guild quests though, can't wait to restore her to former glory and make even more money. Trying to get to that 100,000 coin achievement (40K and counting)! I'm starting to fight dragons very easily now, as soon as they get to the ground I just whack them a few times. I'm also not using my shield that much anymore, I have an armour rating of about 600 I think. I can kill giants with two hits, but I still can't fight magic very well Anybody seen some random unexplained stuff? I saw the ghost of a headless horseman riding through skyrim, just outside Whiterun. I couldn't stop him to talk or anything, he just rode past me. I also found a random dead guy called Balbus, he had a misc item with him called Balbus' fork or something. It looks like one of those forks people used to use to search for water. No idea what it's used for though.
  13. Why the fuck is daedric armour better than dragon?! At least it means I won't have to use another perk in my smith tree!
  14. Yeah i've been doing something similar. I've made my ebony sword (legendary) do 144 damage, im level 35. I just used various fortify one-handed enchantments, high level smithing improvements and some blacksmith potions. I don't want to do the alchemy loop because I don't feel like wasting perks in it, instead I just bought 20% blacksmith potions, as opposed to making my own 29% potion. I don't think the 9% will have too much difference, at least not at the level i'm working at. PS. I think I hit 70+ hours
  15. Whenever I do the freeze shout my game lags like fuck. It skips a load of frames and then I just see some frozen people on the floor. Anyone else notice this problem?
  16. I can pretty much kill everything, except for multiple magic users. Which is kinda annoying because it means i'll have to use all my enchantments to resist magic
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    Stop being a pussy, a real assassin just cuts his finger off.
  18. What overall level are you, i'm 31 and I think that making ebony armour would push me to about 33. But my combat skills won't be high enough to compensate for the increase in level! Do you enchant your armour?
  19. Too many quests, I didn't think being an adventurer would be so stressful
  20. I still can't fight magic goddamit! Those dremora assholes keep fucking me up Im gonna have to enchant some anti-magic shit on all my items!