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  1. I'm still playing Saint's Row 2, it's kind of gripped my attention lately. I haven't played much else. I will probably play SR3, but only I'm finished with all the nut shots, diversions, and missions I have to do in SR2. So, not for a long time.

  2. It wasn't a prophecy. When was GTAIV announced? If they are keeping with the April release date - they're right on fucking schedule. I bet the release date will be announced in January, just like GTAIV. The only difference this time is they aren't going to miss the projected release date like they did with GTAIV - they've planned much better this time. This game is all set for the classic Rockstar late April/early May release date 2012.

  3. As long as you're getting it at some point. Doesn't matter that you didn't like Oblivion, this game is going to be a masterpiece, a digital journey to end all digital journeys.

    You know, until Fallout 4 is announced.

    I'm glad you remembered I hated Oblivion. I was debating on picking it back up and suffering through it, but I remember the whole leveling bullshit and decided against it. Hopefully Skyrim will be devoid of that dreaded leveling system and I can once again fulfill my fantasy of being a cat man with a sword.

  4. Here is my perspective:

    First let me say, I like the Walking Dead. It's good for a zombie TV show. The makeup is amazing, the acting is tolerable. I try to keep an open mind when watching the show - I really liked the first few episodes, but I hated the last few episodes.

    Episode was kind of lazy. It was an hour and a half that could have been shortened to an hour easy. The opening, with Rick's monologue to someone who obviously isn't listening was useless and overdramatic. He narrated the whole fucking story, only omitting the part about what the dicknose at the CDC told him right before the place exploded. Thanks, Rick - I'm sure whatever the BIG SECRET is - is a total letdown.

    The episode had some good parts, there was a lot of suspense in the "car graveyard", I liked the idea of the roaming herd of zombies. I also liked the zombies in the church a lot - it didn't make sense they were still sitting in the pews, but it was pretty awesome nonetheless. Those were really the only strong points.

    I wanted to know what the buttons on the corpse in the tent said. Did anyone else notice the nice "How about a nice cup of shut the hell up?" sign in the camper? I want one.

    A LOT of time was wasted with the searching for the girl deal - I hope she ends up being a zombie. Little kid zombies are the freakiest. She was an idiot for running so deep in the woods. Rick was an idiot for not calling out to her to strategize her escape as he was running along side her and dispatching the zombies sooner. She was also an idiot for leaving the dam or whatever, but it should have never come to that.

    The show is focusing too much on this family atmosphere when the characters focus should be survival. A lot of shit doesn't make sense. Before entering the car graveyard, Daryl went ahead and scouted it out - Glen mentioned the other way, but they didn't have enough gas. They're sitting outside a car graveyard with cars full of gas.They end up siphoning gas from the cars eventually, but they could have just done that to begin with. They didn't have to get trapped in the middle of all those broken down cars. What if the radiator pipe were to break? D'oh, it did again. It's the end of the world, go to a nice Winnebago Dealership and get a brand new ride.

    If I was in that group, I would have found a nice truck that was in that car graveyard and rode the fuck out. Shane's got the right idea, but again, big mistake making an announcement. I would have just been GONE.

    The part with the kid and the deer was equally dumb. Whoever shot the deer had to see the damn kid with the red jacket standing a yard and a half directly behind him, especially since it was a direct shot through the deer and the kid. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    All that said, I am looking forward to next week's episode where they answer all the questions from last season like what happened to Merle? When is Shane REALLY going to die? Did the guy from the CDC come out of the closet to Rick in the finale?

  5. We used to have a thread about the Walking Dead, but I cannot locate it and I will be damned if I am going back to the old site to retrieve it.

    Anyway, the Walking Dead is zombie show on AMC that has special effects as gruesome as some of the actors "acting". Regardless, it's entertaining and mindnumbing at the same time. The new season started last night and it was typical Walking Dead episode - drawn out and suspenseful. Someone ought to bitch slap the director for his pacing.

    Anyway, I know a few people here watched the show last season and may or may not have watched it last night. If you missed it, it will be on all week and all month as AMC is whoring the hell out of Halloween with Fright Fest or whatever the fuck it's called.

    I'll post my review of last night's episode in a bit. Chime in if you saw last night's episode.

  6. Yeah, I ran into the same thing with Harper's Shack - shitton of Deathclaws (4-5 including the young ones) coming down from the cave. I cleared the cave out and haven't seen many other than a few that random respawn from time to time in between the cave and the shack.

    I'm liking Bradley's Shack for the atmosphere. It's got the rigged shotgun trap, the target dummy and the sandbagged bed. Perfect little survivor's crib. I've got an assortment of weaponry lying around for aesthetic purposes. Outside, I've laid a landmine field that the Bosnians would be proud of for any randomly spawning Jackals or Legion Assassin's. It expands all the way to Caesar's safehouse and is a mix of frag and plasma, spread out enough so I don't have a huge chain reaction, yet effective enough to fuck someone up if they try to raid my shit or sell me life insurance door-to-door.

  7. Still in the preliminary stages of OWB - yesterday I smoked two blunts while talking to robots in the Think Tank and finally ventured out into Big MT.

    I have no idea what the fuck you guys are talking about.

  8. I figured out I am totally fucked as far as Mick and Ralph's go. I paid the dude at the Atomic Wrangler to raise my standing in Freeside, but I'm still listed as a DARK HERO and everyone hates my dick. Probably because I killed the Van Graffs, I guess they were tight with Mick and Ralph. I might go back and kill Mick and Ralph off, fuck them.

    I think that whole area is Freeside Karma man. Depending on what you did with the Kings, the twins, and the Followers of the Apocalypse. I bet you can still fix this problem. I killed the Van Graffs after going through their missions up until they want you to kill Cass, then I played the Crimson Caravan lady against them and snuck in and stole both notes from both sides (Crimson Caravan and the Van Graffs), for the evidence. I didn't let Cass kill the CC lady, and then I killed the Van Graffs. I also did a shitton of missions for the Kings, the Followers, (including side rescue missions) and the missions for the twins at the casino bar across the street from the Van Graffs. Also I did the NCR lesbian's mission (raped by Cook-Cook) to get her hooked up with Dr.Usanagi for treatment, who is friends with the Followers doctor lady. All that shit must add up to good Freeside karma, I am guessing. The Katana has interesting points, and it's reminiscent of Vice City, but in my thinking it's not worth killing Mick and Ralph. Besides, they got bOnEs' hula girl music firing off in the front of their store. Course that will still be there if they dead.

    Yeah, I already got the Katana from the Gun Runners, so I'm not really sweating it. They're fucking dead meat. I followed the same path as you, just haven't done as much with the Followers - so I could possibly repair that bond, but it's not worth it on this save file.

    The 3-star GRA achievements are technically possible for me, but they will be very time consuming. I'm going with Sentry Bots via Lead Pipes, which I've already started at Las Vegas Steel, and the Cazadores via Long Fuse Dynamite, which will be tricky, but the hardest by far will be the adult Deathclaws by Switchblade. L0L. More to reality, I think I'll go Stealth Boy, and use a Silenced .22 Pistol and/or Dynamite for those bitches. That one could take years.

    It's all about the final kill. The robot/deathclaw/cazadores challenges can all be completed by using one of the weapons as the KILL weapon. I've been disabling Deathclaw legs with guns and then heaving dynamite at them, while running away. That challenge is in the bag.