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  1. Oh shit... it's Nigga PHRYME
  2. Aww sweet, green attire. Grove is back. Or at least in some variation or another.
  3. If they can make it look this good on seven year old hardware, I'm hoping they can make it look like GTA IV with all that ICE Enhancer shit out of the box for PC. My PS3 died some time ago, I'm only holding out for a PC version. Or maybe considering how close the PS4 is to a PC, some time down the line they'll release a downloadable PS4 version on the PSN or something. Damnit, I just might try and get some old ass PS3 for like 50 quid off ebay from some desperate druggie just for this game only.
  4. I'd say almost immediately, for most people it seems anyone black is automatically CJ or somehow related to CJ.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if Los Santos itself was bigger than Liberty City in IV. And then the countryside and such just take the map to a different level. There's bigger maps in gaming, like Just Cause 2...but no game pulls off the attention to detail and puposefulness in the same way that GTA does.
  6. One of you people who are bothered to do things. Make a mockup map of what you think GTA 5's map will look like based on the screenshots available so far. Surely someone on the internet has done that by now.
  7. Trevor is the psychopath all GTA players are, but their characters never were. I can't think of any main character in GTA history that was actually as fucked up as people played them as. Trevor seems to be, at least slightly, more crazy than usual.
  8. I always thought the mechanics were too simple. Basically it's just run, crouch and shoot..and headshots are the only things that are worth anything. That's why I got so hooked when the original CoD came out, it had prone, ironsights, leaning left/right and the weapons weren't really pea shooters, they had weight and feel to them...small things which made a big difference to the feel of a game. Of course all the perks afterwards shit went too far and ruined so much, especially in BF3...way too many unlocks and perks, the game becomes a mess once everyone has unlocked everything.
  9. Finally, all you assholes who keep whining about how shitty everything is (except for retro games, the 90s etc) can fuck off back to Counter Strike and leave everyone alone again. I don't want to hear any more complaints about other games now, you have CS:GO, so just play that and stay there.
  10. They're definitely throwing the San Andreas vibe to this game. Jet fighters. Parachutes. Tennis(!?), Motocross. Countryside... I'm guessing they're going to go all out with this one. Starting to slowly get excited about this game, at least Rockstar are being open
  11. Yeah this show is the shit, fucking Hal. How far he has come.
  12. I haven't been too impressed with the 'next-gen' graphics, it seems there hasn't been as much as a leap as last time. Or maybe we're just used to really good graphics now. I'd say the real defining thing for next-gen games should be physics simulations, AI etc.. stuff like that. Most games do a poor job at best, and none come close to real life. So that's where they need to start focusing on. Also less bloom, effects like that need to go.
  13. Mekstizzle

    Sleeping Dogs

    Looking at those maps, definitely doesn't seem as big as True Crime LA/New York was, which was what I was kind of hoping for. Map seems quite basic, but the game itself ought to be good anyway. At least it's a different location than your usual open-world video games.
  14. Mekstizzle

    Saints Row

    So I finished the story and got 100% takeover for the city. A pretty good game, but I think they missed a trick by not going down the route of having large countryside/rural areas and such. Maybe the next game, they need to expand the map to be much larger. GTA IV got away with it as the game in general was much more detailed and about the small things, although GTA IV is now aging pretty badly.