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  1. is it just me or did anybody else notice the swat guy flying the buzzard
  2. Daaaaammmnnnnnn that shit nice cant wait to be holding that in my hands come september.
  3. they need to put a feature in where you can have your own music uploaded to game, so you can listen to it on a custom radio station like on san andreas for the PC.
  4. i would sneak on the site while the painters are at work and steal the design they are copying
  5. i hope the story is longer than bio-shocks i was expecting to get a nice few weeks out of that game even when im not at work, i would love for this storyline to be as long as san andreas i sat for days on that game and didnt even dent the missions, thats all i need and am sure the majority feels the same a long and exciting storyline is what i want plus many other things but i wont get into that right now.
  6. This to me looks like it could be a speed camera picture like on the old most wanted i hope they dont have the trails in the actually game
  7. 4 star police chase from east los santos to blane county for me like on a sanchez to staqrt with then see what i end up on hopefully a jetski
  8. yeah i already asked for that if you look up so think of your own idea haha just kidding i could only see trevor really fitting into a fighting club since hes the craziest
  9. i hope they bring back the sultan RS and make many other cars like that and have other hidden cars around the map maybe even a monster truck in the Forrest somewhere
  10. It doesn't take much to make you happy, judging from your posts about what you want and don't want. i would rather just say exactly what i want instead of make a song and dance and about what i do and dont end of the day im happy with whatever rockstar puts in this game
  11. i personally couldnt give a fuck when this game comes out i just want to play it on 360
  12. There's to many things I want in this game I'd be here all day I know rockstar won't disapoint its been 4 years in th making hopefully there is 3 cities but I'm not counting on it