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  1. if they make the map size big enough to begin with, there should be no need for expansions. weapon and vechile dlc wouldnt really work in my opinion i reckon dlc should be like tbogt and tlad
  2. didnt rockstar mention in the Q&A that they'll try to 'get some more snapshots' and then another trailer?
  3. make the dlc into the game, 2 seperate episodes but then taken out of the game and added later, getting more out of original game. and the dlc should be free the possibilities of that would probably be very low. extra map as dlc? although rockstar might consider it.
  4. I found it hilarious how you could steal peoples clothes that they were wearing in Skyrim without them noticing. But that would be a cool idea, maybe if you could mug people you could demand money, shoes or a jacket or something. I'd love a bit of mugging. Then I wouldn't have to kill someone at an ATM to get their $$$. I would like to see a bit more interaction with peds in general, perhaps random conversations that you could engage in, or people asking you questions, or even just swearing at people. interacting to peds would be a lot better than people randomly yelling weird things that make no sense. because every time im in a car or walking down the street i hear people say "kiss my saggy balls!" (Sarcasim) if they do include mugging then i hope they give you the money or you see them throw it on the ground, instead of Saints Row where they just crap the money out while their hands are in the air perhaps just a button assigned to 'interact' like hold it in when passing a civ and you'll hit them and take there wallet. you could then search the wallet and guess the code to his credit card and with financial terrors going on he might only have a couple of hundred in bank. but u only get 3 tries to guess the code.
  5. yeah would be cool to see more robberies, car chases, and perhaps even cops radioing each other on whereabouts of the suspect. the protag could have the choice of helping the criminal and earn cash/part of the loot and earn respect (if it works like in san andreas) also would like to hear random gunfights/bullet shots when driving around i think it would be cool as well to be able to buy a warehouse and save cars. and sell cars!! and i really like the idea of maybe buying and selling stuff, earn loads more money and stuff to spend money that you'll never get bored of. most of the stuff there will most probably happen but maybe not to your tastes. theyre not going to make it exact lke san andreas otherwise they would do a remake and a remake is lack of imagination.
  6. so much realism that every leaf blowes in the wind, but leave out boring stuff like prison mentioned in other topics. cars should NOT be able to accelerate if its completely knackered. but a level of fun like being sent crazily thro the air. civs stay on floor when dead.
  7. who isnt? everybody signed up sill most prob be ordering like brian said
  8. planes and helis available with a heli with a magnet. --pick up a busload of people or cars driving around and drop into ocean
  9. i like most of ideas/predictions posted so heres my idea/prediction. lets say CJ from san andreas got together with a white girl (no racism intended) and they had a kid after or most probably before san andreas story maybe he had the kid when he was in liberty city when he returned and got framed by tenpenny. his kid was put into an orphanage and sent to VC and was became a gang member then left for san andreas in pursue of CJ. (see where im going with this?) while he was in vc it could link tommy, lance and from when cj was in lc it could link gta 3 guy (claude?) and toni, 'the old crew' im sure players would like that euphoria feeling. so onto gta 5 story. you could have just left the airport and your gps is set for your new house, revealing landmarks. safe house and stuff is explained. you then set of in search for CJ and find him running from the cops (in the trailer) and u pull up next to him CJ jumps in and u go to pay and spray unlocking it. you explain link between protag and cj. you rebuild grove street and get the old crew doing jobs. abt a quarter in tommy or claude car is rigged with a bomb and you set out finding who did it and destroy rival gangs. or maybe not claude or tommy so its not so 'direct' maybe a henchman?
  10. (On why there will be a 2nd trailer on May 24th. -OPx) because max payne 3 had just been released, a week later gta V second trailer is revealed WITH a release date, and available for pre order, getting people to pre order giving rockstar the next dose of cash.
  11. everyone bookmark this! im getting a free copy of gta 5! yea it's Sam Houser who is born on May 24th. The theme song called Odgens Nuts Gone Flake or something was released on 24th May 1968. and on the final scene of tbogt on the plane are the numbers 24051972 which is sam housers birthday
  12. drive through sheds/shacks, barns maybe? (in the countryside)
  13. funny you posted that cause i posted last night on youtube i pretty much posted the same thing
  14. for the random time, maybe even you get jacked by some guy and then he drives off? i doubt anyone wants street sports, get fifa or nba for that stuff they wouldnt make the vinewood sign destroyable but perhaps you might be able to drive through sheds and stuff? weak buildings
  15. Is more like it. Snow storm is one of the best missions in GTA IV, it wasn't even difficult, stay in cover and blindfire at the cops, clear them out and then make a run for the speedboat at the side of the old hospital. Not difficult at all. Theres A speedboat? 0_o I always ran to the pickup truck. yeah it is kinda easy, just use sniper and pick off who u can from outside hospital, use cover and fight your way in, get body armor then the coke, take cover again and kill the noose? by the time you get outside just ignore everyon and run to the jetmax and speed to bohan.