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  1. Wild guess., Michael: Might become a cop, & we'll be forced to handcuff one of the other two. Trevor: Looks to be the assassin, who might have to kill one of the other two. Finally Franklin: Drug dealer? Anyway; Smart kid, who is faced with a choice between the two, and will have to trust one from the other. (M.ight T.urn F.oe.) Will we see are other characters while switching to another? & we'll end up with three of the characters or just two? Whatever it is, going play as all 3!!!
  2. Another Jack Thompson fan, keep jamming to cypress hill while you jerk off niko. xiDk why he'll put himself in the spot, he'll buy this game for a fact. lol
  3. Agent very little talking about the mission alot of setups.This is no good cop bad cop, These mother fuckers wont let you live if your carrying info. Wonder how the stroy would playout? Following orders until you get setup? Or trying to quit?
  4. Killing....Stealing..Even Speeding? What is this? O.o Breaking the law !! BRAH- BreaKING THE LAW !! :buttsecks:BITCHESS!! Interact With AI at anytime and share alitte something for they're $. BREAK_BReAHH_KING_THE_LAW!! Bitch! Onlines gots be like the shit you step on. Didnt see it coming. Stays on your mind. & leave you cleaning until the smile is gone.
  5. Zi FuCUHk Wht they say, Im english :D

  6. If it all comes to hell, always can rely on multiplayer. End of the fucking story multiplayer is where you'll be going.. and if that sucks then there goes Grand Thief Auto V.
  7. Ways to get easy $$$. Rob any store or person, kid nap someone or dog (), sell trees etc.. AI sleep. Use them as shields even if dead, provoke a street race, AI's getting in a group while you fight different 1s would try to stop it, ask fo drugs etc.. Skills on almost everything you do. Shooting, fighting, robbing, driving, drinking (.-.) etc.. Steal some fucking gas. Default to jack cars if not stopped. '5'o' need a change.
  8. the zoo?? lol throw someone at the lions see them run. dancing monkeys? If killing animals are conformed then there goes the zoo. Monkeys throwing shit! next up sea-world.. R.i.p monkey :(Road kill):
  9. Be worth a chase.. It should be harder to get *s tho it should always keep you moving, staying incognito, fighting, an even frighten. Cop car should let you pull over and make you pay for a ticket, shoot the cop get your $ back. Gives you that option if your driving the cop car, take the persons cash, drugs, alcohol, and maybe a slick assassination..
  10. Fuck yes gta fighting was sleep. R* had a good reason tho, there would be more gun fights then real fights. still if they do upgrade the fighting they would have to change or add to a gun fight. Ye MoFo the middle finger shot ;D once your shot at the middle finger the gun would be dropped or thrown away. You could always go pick that shit up, switch guns if you got, get close an "Fight" (Jackie Chang),or throw something .. btw ye more blood like nosebleed cuts etc..
  11. Drugs could help, but there should be able 2 regain your health,but none of that cod bull shit.. More like a stop the bleeding affect. You can sweat so you could bleed, It could help the police also fucking up your swag, btw change cops look the other way. >_> Another thing is a do it yourself surgery.FarCry style by taking off the bullet from your body. Cuh G shit who eats after getting shot at? Ye sounds like a fucked up commercial. So get drugged up (Scarface style:) & quick skilled surgery (May look painful;) MoFo better get a trophy for tht shit xD