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  1. like ratchet and clank, only much better. not really my kind of title but I could see it being alright if r* is behind it.
  2. if you go onto the internet in IV it makes references to LC high schools which are no where to be found on the map
  3. If anything I predict additions to the countryside to make it seem more part of something greater instead of a large random island, however the countryside could be boring, but im sure R* can find a way to make it both visually pleasing and entertaining.
  4. You better be worried because I'm gonna be gunning for you... and the Caraways maybe Shlong island? and Staten island of course (which could be called Staunton for old times sake.) maybe that's going to be another online mode add on, probably not but we can hope.
  5. ^This. I can't see any other way it would work. Maybe R* have thought of something better, but I'm sure it's something along those lines. well, most curtainwalls (those buildings with the mirrorish glass panels) are tinted so I could see that working. If they are all tinted windows then you could shoot anywhere with no correlation to where the apartment is and that could sort of solve the problem. however, this would mean that all apartments would have to be in more modern buildings, so no older apartments with the classic windows I suppose?
  6. what about words like a cars compass n, ne, nw, s , sw etc.
  7. I hope the classic rock station grabs that California sound, Hotel California would be a great start and there needs to be some tunes from the doors, ccr, the grateful dead, maybe even some beach boys... and on a side note it would be nice to get a few roy ayers tunes because those fit in everywhere agreed maybe even listen to the music
  8. kdst is my favorite gta radio station of all time they had a great playlist, flash fm definetly second
  9. Not necessarily, if he is trying to get out of that line of work then i would imagine his old superiors would possibly hunt him down(possible antagonist) and of course i believe it may have something to do with his character trying to reform his life with his ill-gotten gains and possibly invest in real estate. However, with this suggested theme of a failing economy i imagine your character loses everything at one point and you have to go through extreme measures to get back on your feet(Jewelry store heist?) So i believe he could certainly pass as the character. and on a side note Ned Luke's voice could pass for the voice in IV, and this gives the protagonist good reason to get back in contact with Niko as he is a former associate (and i certainly know at least for me, that i absolutely want to see Niko in the storyline)
  10. I get the feeling that the protagonist might be "the fixer" from IV as he says that he was trying to get out of a particular line of work, so its a possibility i guess, highly unlikely but still a possibility.
  11. im convinced this should be the new direction of the wanted system for gta v and future gta titles.
  12. not at all too realistic, 'twas one of my favorite features of Mafia 2. I would get so freaking pissed at running red lights and parking in firelanes, etc. Maybe getting in a car crash or if they have a hardcore/soft core mode in the hardcore breaking the speed limit would be acceptable for a ticket. I believe this would be the best wanted system to implement as it is realistic but not annoying. http://www.gtaforums...howtopic=475147
  13. I found it funny how SA had the best Classic Rock station out of all of the GTA's and its supposed to be the 90's Urban Hip-Hop Los angeles you would of figured that VC or IV would have a Better classic rock station.
  14. I just thought about this problem, How will the continuity work in GTA V. with the decision feature in GTA IV you had choices over who would die Francis/Derrick, Playboy/Dwayne etc. how will this impact the charcters reflecting on events especially if Packie and Niko make appearances in the game. WIll Packie refuse to bring up these events surrounding his brothers death, Will niko refuse to chat about what happened with his cousin roman or mallorie. or will rockstar have a system of identifying your last saved GTA IV file and bieng able to detect what decisions you made and prompt the appropriate lines from the charcters. Because i would find it to be stupid if Niko talks about his cousin roman when meanwhile in your GTA IV file roman actually died.