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  1. 3 hours ago, ViceMan said:

    I imagine they'll band together as raider groups and make it hard to take one down. Or maybe not, no honour among thieves and all that.





    I thought you guys love to play as Raiders.



    3 hours ago, Qdeathstar said:

    It sort of sounds like they got rid of the named junk eg, burned book, and replaced them with a generic “junk” 



    Im sorta disappointed about that.


    I don't care about value-less junk.
    Just good junk like screws, as mentioned.

  3. 76_zpsynccn90h.jpg












    Many interesting points covered. One is the Wanted Murderer.
    You approach me and try and kill me or pick a fight, I say no.
    You keep fucking with me and even though I decline, you kill me.

    Then you become a wanted murderer for that innocent killing.

    Now everyone else on the map can see you as a big red star.

    You cannot see the rest of the NPC's on the map, there is a bounty on your head,

    and that bounty comes out of your caps stash. Bethesda turned negative events
    into a kind of cool reward system there.

    So yeah, don't kill me or the group I've shared my cards with will snipe you.




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  4. 2 hours ago, Ginginho said:

    Pre-ordered FO76 in the hope that I can play the beta... would really like to try before I buy.



    Would really be cool to try before buy.


    I've finished new files of Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4. Somehow I really want to see how 76 goes.


    Until then, I am back in GTA San Andreas for XB1. Re-living my glory days of 100% and NRG stunting.....

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  5. Those mutants look exactly like Fallout 4 mutants.

    I'm guessing this location/game area is not far from Andale.


    If you don't remember that location, the folks there mention the best city in West Virginia award.



  6. 9 minutes ago, Qdeathstar said:

    I think it’s going to require you to work together to get the launch codes. So, it will take a few people working together to get them.



    In the video for it it said “in the very likely event you can’t obtaib every code yourself”... my guess/hope is that. You’ll need very different types of characters to get all the codes...

    The whole thing doesn’t make any sense to me.... 20 years after a nuclear blast people’s le army going to be excited about the prospect of more nuclear warfare...


    Well rather the kids who are in the online shooters on steroids games hyped up to kill everything.

    That's what I meant by how long would it take people who actively look for the codes,

    rather than co-op settlement building, and enjoying the scenery rather than destroying it further......

  7. 1 hour ago, ViceMan said:

    I'm in the salty but undecided camp, like I said before I will probably get it because I like Fallout. But not at release, there's a lot of uncertainty surrounding the game. Bethesda titles are buggy enough in single player and I dread to think what a multiplayer experience will be like.


    Just wait until the griefers or gankers get all the launch codes.

    How long will it take to find every one for every server. Some onliners live to make others miserable.


    I heard Todd say at E3 you take your profile with you. If that's the case, I agree with TwoFaceTanner.



  8. On 12/12/2017 at 8:46 AM, ViceMan said:

    I'm curious, has anyone actually ever delivered Drinkin' Buddy to the Hotel Rexford? I never have, it just means you've got the quest stuck in your list for ever more.



    WTF? I deliver him straight to the hotel on each of my dozen plays.

    Never had (including now on Hardcore Mode) an un-finished quest stuck in list. Have found all the recipes though. :D 


    Just went through a nostalgic play through of FO3 and all its DLC's followed by New Vegas.
    I forgot how good Vegas was, this time as a dude, and carefully not pissing any faction off yet.

    Haven't started the DLC's yet, except the GRA which is a default kind of available weapons and mods.


    Stopped today though, got to take Survival mode Nora back to Diamond City to be there on Christmas.
    Hey it's a 2-day journey stopping at a safe house to sleep over night, then get there in the morning to see the decorations. 

    Merry Fallout Christmas everyone. :)


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  9. On 10/4/2017 at 10:40 PM, gtagrl said:

    I spent a lot of time with Valentine, he's pretty awesome. 


    Nick is easily one of the best companions in the game over all.
    He is also invaluable during the interaction with DiMA.
    IMHO Far Harbor is the best DLC of F04.


    On 10/9/2017 at 2:48 PM, CaPn bOnEs said:

    becoming friends with curie is damn near impossible on this file.


    The only way you cannot have CVrie as a companion is if your intelligence is like, zero.


    I've cycled through every companion until their perk unlocks on almost every file.

    Level 188 of Survival Mode now. This file, haven't bothered getting Deacon's worthlessness.
    Only love interests are all the females stashed at different settlements.


    Each file the real challenge in the end, is getting the Freefall Legs from Mass Fusion.
    Everything else is pretty easy after 6 play throughs. 
    After 2 mod authors removed their mods, I don't use them anymore. Thought about designing a few though.


    I can't recommend the Survival Mode enough to you guys, it's the best. After getting the anti-rad perk, I would just swim everywhere.

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    Bethesda has announced that the first  Fallout 4 update in 2017 will be released next week. The update brings a number of key features, but PS4 Pro users get the biggest benefit.

    Update 1.9 adds support for the more powerful console, providing enhanced lighting and graphics, including native 1440p resolution. Draw distance for trees, grass, NPCs and other objects have also been increased......more


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  11. On 1/1/2017 at 2:29 AM, Worky Workerson said:

    happy new year synch!! i was gonna create a new character this winter and play my evil brotherhood delilah, but i bought skyrim remastered, and as soon as i am done with assassins creed syndicate, i am moving on to that... one of these months this year i am doing my delilah file... but to be honest, fallout 4 just doesn't feel as amazingly in depth as 3 or new vegas, so i am just not feeling the 2nd go around like i was with those games... what a shame too... they really made some major exclusions with 4 that really left me puzzled, like the skill speech checks... but the game looks soooo good!!! i was hoping we were getting new vegas 2.0, but that was not the case :(...

    Thanks bOnEs!
    I can understand everyone's bored with Fallout 4, but I've never been able to stop....

    This was my 3rd main story build, Shaun Sr, living at Red Rocket with Dogmeat.
    More of a stealth speed run to get to and utilize the Institute.

    After seeing all the endings, the credits didn't look that different from each other.

    Now testing out the Raider settlement achievements. 


    EDIT: Almost forgot 2 mention, you can go through an entire game without ever going to Concord / meeting Preston Garvey. B)


  12. On 11/23/2016 at 2:16 PM, shabbagaz said:


    Can't remember which one I got it at - Costal Cottage I think but not 100% sure. 


    This certainly helped me:





    Using that link, my Sanctuary & many other settlements were too large, for the perfect balance.
    Knew about the clinic and clothing shops already. Had all the shops, needed the time duration I guess.

    Need to stay around the settlement for awhile, even if sleeping, it seemed.

    Managed a smaller budget location, Finch Farm. Lower people, higher crops (40+) and massive defenses.

    I added one Pommel Horse per resident. Seems the "like" level was appropriate.

    In the end, I just stayed on the overpass above and watched 98 go to 100% for the achievement.


    For base game "Platinum" I thinks an Institute build will get me there.

    For DLC Platinum, the "Eyes on the Prize" achievement is even more insane.



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    One problem though is that a lot of the enemies aren't respawning as they should, the behemoth and raider with the fat man in Lexington have never respawned since I killed them ages ago, nor at the Wreck of the USS Riptide, the South Boston military checkpoint, Big John's Salvage and many other places, making travelling quite boring. I'm always glad when I come across a savage deathclaw or something, just to liven my journey up.


    May be a detail due to being in Survival Mode? Killed once, dead for all.

    Try Murkwater, always good for 5 Queen Steaks.


    The Lexington Behemoth I've seen only once each play through. Rare dude.

    The ones by Gunner's Plaza and Recon Bunker Theta are also good re-spawns.



    For those of you who hate Preston Garvey, set up the Raiders from Nuka World. Will never hear from him again.

    Just found out by going to visit Shaun at the Castle. Preston is completely different after Minutemen got raped by the Pack.

    Now I have to test Elder Maxson and Desdemona from the Railroad. But yeah, Preston finally shuts up after NW.


    I 'took over' three of my settlements and felt quite dirty for doing so - just didn't seem right even though the settlements were sparsely populated.  Which leads me to asking.... can you 're-take' a settlement and get shut of the raiders?  (and would doing that doctor's quest have any bearing on these settlements?).



    It felt good to immortalize the Red Rocket in Nuka World - but the Commonwealth is a different story.

    The Operators own that NW site, and I actually built it like my settlements and prefer it over the Fizztop Grille HQ.
    Decked it out with all the stuff they like, plus the farm and protection, it looks and feels pretty raider cool.

    Also riding the rides is pretty fun, and i still like making all the different Nuka Colas variations.

    My Sanctuary palace has always been a museum, right now build 3 has all the awesome weapons in display, ,

    as well as the costumed mannequins from Nuka World and the DLC's as well.
    I just added the Nuka Cola Orange Mixer to the party area by the Pommel Horse in both the Vault and Sanctuary

    so everyone in the settlement can enjoy. I'm so retarded. :P


    If you've spent any long amount of time building up the free world, losing any settlement feels dirty. 

    I just got an alert that Outpost Zimonja was under attack, and was witness to the Pack killing one of my own.

    So i did a little test to bend the rules, but not enable the Doctor's quest.


    I basically stripped out every build, bed, and bit of food from these guys on my land. Took down their flag and beacon.

    Traded with them and took everything they have. Now when they get attacked, good luck defending. They have nothing.

    BUT - I did not 're-take' because that would mean killing all raider factions and making Gage hostile.

    For now I keep the distance - my BOS guy will not be so kind. 


    There was no loss or failure. As I told Massacre, after a year of building up, I've already lost over 7 settlements for

    giving up just 3.....that's a load of dogshit. This DLC has no story backed by the Commonwealth. Doesn't make sense.

    Nordhagen all hate me and I can no longer use build menu. That's fucked, I built it beautiful and was at 95% happiness.

    Murkwater is dead in the water, no use at all, by anyone as it was owned by Disciple dudes.

    Now just an activity marker on the work chest, which will not allow you to do anything, and the 3 lonely

    Provisioners walking around in their Heavy Combat gear......

    I should have chosen the airport or the mechanist's lair as they are uninhabited.

    Anyway, good luck with your raider game. We can always start a new game! :)



    EDIT: Same test results with Croup Manor and the Operators - BOS invaded, I did nothing to help..

    Stripped the place of everything except the build chest - no messages of failure or otherwise.

    So maybe we will hear about this from Shank? I don't know...I just play it as I go.


    Here are some shots of Sanctuary Palace 3 interior floors 1 & 2 of 3, just a homey home of weaponry and apparel.
    Not a Shabbtastic build, but these are the most serious weapons in the game mounted for quick grabbing and use!













     Screen 2 - December's Child maxed out and idolized above the desk by the bed, on the 2nd floor. I love this gun.





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    I'm a little buggered about Nuka World being based around raiders.


    I think it's a fun DLC, but there's nothing about the base game that makes it actually work as a story.


    One thing that remains is your relationships. I thought that I wouldn't like Gage, but it turns out

    I liked listening to this guy's stories, each time he wanted to talk leading up to giving you his perk.

    Regardless of his faction, my first character does enjoy a friendship with him. He's like a neutral companion in many ways.


    That's one of the highlights, but yeah, nothing really makes it work as a story.


    I've now lost a total of 7+ settlements due to NW and its bugs. 2 settlements I now cannot access workshop at all.

    But they are still decked out as I designed them, kind of funny to see it happen like that. Be warned what you give up.

  16. Fairly unhappy that I spent the better part of a year owning and refining and perfecting all the settlements, making everyone happy.






    Tearing the beauty down, listening to my "former" settlers is fucked.
    You don't just give up 3 settlements, you give up many more for support.
    That really pisses me off. Once a settlement becomes a food supplier,

    even if you do it as gently as possible by paying them, they hate you.

    I've moved most people out of the more uglier places, tore down most the cool stuff there.
    Just build up my better places to house more settlers. 

    I could care less about Raiders. Sticking with it for now to complete the achievements but yeah,

    what a load of dogshit. Hate throwing that work away. 


    In the end I'm going Operator. Secondary is the Pack because I like the psychedelic paint,

    and they say so much profoundly stupid shit that is actually funny.


    Nisha and the Disciples's not all women. There are dudes there too.

    Sick of hearing them talk so giving them the least amount of property, to hopefully bring on the end.



    I guess my 2nd play of Nuka World with Nate of the BOS will definitely take the Doctor's option......



    For now I went back to exploring and found 2 more full sets of X-01.

    Another 2 recipe books and I now have 17 Nuka Recipes.

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  17. Dumb question...



    So instead of killing all the raiders from the doctor's quest,

    you decide on following through and it sounds like, assigning them to sections of the park.

    Once that happens, it also appears that they get into the Commonwealth and your settlements.


    Is this random settlements, (like the build site of the institute transporter) or can you pick which ones?


    Just a shame I can't get the power armour I found at Nuka World Power Plant -
    went back to collect it and found the legendary pack member had helped himself to it!! :lol: 


    what does that mean?

    i walked out with that shit, first blood.


    If I found a Pack Member in it, I would ask him to remove it.

    If they didn't i would kill them and then repair the suit.

    why worry?



    yea i've been up that way... bradberton... 



    Did you go any further? Find anything else? It's all good.....




    oh man, i had to buy lots of radaway, while i was there... should of went back to starlight because i had like a hundred stashed away lol... those rad sprays were the DEVIL!! i was constantly fighting that battle while trying to navigate, i got lost so many times trying to walk about, it's why the rads were a big issue for me...


    Well I already had like 2K Radaway but the point is what the fuck.

    I turned off the misters and he turned them back on again.

    That shit is like my cryptonite. I gave up the Radaway, straight up.
    Ran out of vege soup and mutant hound chops early. Go with the real shit.


    yea i've been up that way... bradberton... that's where the tie in to kiddie kingdom comes from... but then again, you said you haven't played much of the story... actually, now that you know her fate, i wonder if that would add any dialog options... hmmm...


    I did Kiddie Kingdom first while exploring, but I don't understand what the big deal about radiation was.

    That section of the park was not really a big deal to me except the employee tunnels. I wanted east and west to link up.


    There are two areas I still can't get in to. Unfortunately, that will be story line I'm sure.
    EDIT: Got one. One down one to go. Got in by jumping the fence....



    The KK enemies were just 1 shot kill ghouls - but the radiation takes Radaway even at my high level.
    So that was like, take Radaway, Rad X, eat Vegetable Soup, Mutant Hound Chops, and a dozen times. 

    I said a few posts ago, I speeched Oswald instead of killing him.
    So when I saw Rachel, I wondered the same thing.

    I hate giving characters bad news, but in this case at least he got away, and I got his outfit and weapon.
    Then I found her. Thought extra dialog might be "Don't bother looking, she's dead."

    By the way there are links from one section and faction to the next on terminals everywhere.
    The terminals always give the little details in Fallout.