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  1. Would never happen. I swear its the one thing in the gta series they've never done is do replica stadiums. Ive always wanted them to. In IV I looked for MSG and Yankee stadium. Did the same for SA, looking for the Rose Bowl, the la Collesium, and Dodger stadium. I agree with you, they need to have stadiums. Universityies too. If this map is going to be as big as they say its going to be, then why not have the ability to cross the mexican border? Explore down there and/or raise hell. Side missions, work for the govt. and capture as many mexicans trying to cross into the country illegally. Just a thought.
  2. At 2-3 wanted level they should begin to use spike strips like they did in V.C. Instead of shooting at you when your at a 1 wanted level and you resist arrest they tase you.
  3. If we have internet use, then absolutely. I had even mentioned in 1 post about being able to find any make or model via the web. Would help to find those super rare vehicles we want. Maybe to be able to find homes that are for sale. If we want to buy or sell a home, just go on-line locate homes for sale, or put an ad on-line to sell them.
  4. Absolutely, the garages were the best part of the safehouse
  5. Exactly like getting a helmet on a motorcycle. Wait, you put it on automatically, or start driving and you won't put it on. Simple. Then what do you do if you want to jump out of the speeding car with inches to spare as the car plummets to a fiery doom? then you just hold the y button, unbuckle yourself and bail. simple Exactly, It was always a pain to run from the cops, u hit a car and your sent flying through the windshield. Good idea.
  6. Agree on these ideas. No way we can have another IV games when it comes to saving our cars. Hey lets have docks at a few safehouses too, so we can save boats as well.
  7. Memory loss is common with old age . Doesnt neccarily have to do with age at all, could be because of mens memory, hell Im 27, I dont call it memory lost just CRS- a rare desease better known as cant remember shit
  8. You should look at some sales figures sometime. I would love to hear your reasoning behind this statement. Of course the sale figures were high, gamers love the GTA series from 3 - SA. But I feel like many others do feel it wasnt good enough . Storyline was only eh. What was there much to do after the storyline? Next to nada. The map was small, no ability to buy safehouses, not a very big selection on cars just because of what your driving. Almost like they didnt put much effort into that game. At least lets just say there were no improvements from SA.
  9. 400 million? Holy shit thats around $24 Billion dollars Just the first week, GTA IV only sold 6 Million the first week bringing in about $500Million ,HAHA, ONLY Still just a guessing game. Since IV didnt have much success like in VC or SA did, it should be higher. Like many people who has played most of all GTA, they realize that IV was a major fluke, Ill change that guess to a 8.5 M. I could be wrong cause you never know if those who have played GTA and played IV, they may think GTA as "not what it used to be" and may pass. Not what I think. So maybe 4.7?
  10. Id like them to bring back spike strips, it was always a challenge to outrun the cops with those damn things. It was always a challenge if you never used cheats plus it was always fun. Instead of running from the cops and automatically getting shot at, how about we get tazored instead.
  11. Lets have the ability to park save Yaghts. have a few safehouses where we have our own docks. Just like all are other vehicles we also have the ability to save boats as well. Id also like to see bigger garages as well, park up to 4 or 5 cars in one garage.
  12. 12/12/2012, but dont really care if I win, should anyone REALLY? Its not like GTA games isnt greatest of all. How about other predictions, how many will they sell in the first week, worldwide? I say roughly 400 M. No? Sorry but I really like this whole guessing game. HAHA
  13. I agree, but I'm sure they'll have gangs, I just hope its nothing like in SA, thats what I hated about playing that game. I felt like a low life worthless peice of s**t while playing it. Not saying V.C or IV werent, just the mafia style is more appealing. I know I can be bias at times.
  14. play the god father, this is a game where you commit the crime... I do not play the The Godfather. But its just an idea to have the ability for us to try something else out, different from the rest of all the other gta games. Possible a 2-disc feature. 1 would be the normal gta form of playing meaning we look for jobs as "hitmen" or choose to play the other disc where we are the "boss". Like I said just an idea.