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  1. I like this idea alot! Being able to load up your favorite cars or motorcycles would be sick! Imagine something like from Fast and The Furious. Say you find an exotic car dealership you wanna rob with Ferraris, Lambo's, Bugatti's, Porshe, Aston Martin's Etc right. Have like a 5 or 6 man heist, Stick up Car Dealership, Pick up vehicles and you have to get away. Would love this Idea.
  2. Im looking for there to be some similarities from the movie POINTBREAK and the TV show BREAKING BAD. Think how kool it would be if we could go rob some banks and then go surfing, Skydiving. I say Breaking Bad because Trevor lives in a trailer park and who knows it cold be a meth lab inside. We saw from Max Payne 3 that Percocets were in the game so maybe there could be alot more drugs in the game. Hopefully were able to do whatever heist in Free Mode.
  3. If the strip clubs are in the game, we need to be able to see nude. why not? they for sure will be in the game with all the high rollers. I wanna be Micheal and have a Stripper/pool party while the wife and the kids are gone. Aaaaggghhh it would be epic!
  4. im looking to be able to go into ALL or most buildings. Cant tell you how many times i thought i discovered something and its a fake. Its time for the game to get rid of that shit. i want even better cheats like Very exotic cars like a lambo or Nissan GTR, Yachts, Jets, Planes, Hummers. I wanna be able to interact with whomever i choose. The Police have to have waaaaaaaaay better AI. i wanna be able to put bodies in the trunk and smuggle drugs through customs. wanna be able to go into jail and break all the prisoners out and have a huge riot!!! ) R* did a great job with the weopons in TBOGT but can improve on that too.
  5. Definitely gonna hit the airport and see how R* has improved the gameplay there. My first trip will be to Beverly Hills and see what stores are around. I'm gonna act normal for awhile actually to just appreciate what they have done. From there I'm gonna go to ocean to see if we can surf or paddle board. Then gonna go Rob some banks like Pointbreak .
  6. i want the airport to be phenomenal. they owe us this from IV. want security to be realistic so you have to use more strategic ways of going in. i wanna be able to go to mexico on a weekend just to get away for a couple days on my plane. pick up something's i need there and fly back.
  7. Great idea but only for regular planes cuz with jets it wont be needed. But wouldn't it be tight highjack a plane with say 12 guys and take over the city with massive machine guns coming out of every window?
  8. Ya i definitely wanna be able to get away from he cops in various ways. i would like to see cops surround the area like they would in real life. They should be able to communicate with eachother. i wanna see a lot of variety when it comes to the cop cars (Concept cop cars?). i want to be able to go into cop departments and wreck havoc. i also wanna be able 2 set up big party's with LOS Cops and beat strippers down
  9. im looking to live a movie star's life if we could? Maybe just maybe these are the only characters they have shown us so far that we can be. i want the red carpet, Hella Clubs, special events, high roller lifestyle. Cruisin in my lambo or even be chauffeured. Dating the hottest women in town and then killing them all on a serial killer spree. Shhiiiittt i wanna see NIKO. He needs a place to stay, he then gets his own place. That would be a great way to say goodbye to Niko.
  10. Im looking to do whatever i want on the game! No restrictions.
  11. Im Looking to Have a more graduated look from GTA5. I hope the game will incorporate some splinter cell type stuff (seen in Trailer 2). I hope the world is an open realm. I'm tired of seeing a potential building to go into and its a fake. I hope we can explore more and maybe have a choice system. Im planning to live a lavish lifestyle in beverly hills while taking over the town. Cant wait! Im very excited to see what R* has done in the ocean, i wanna see the realism of how the animals look and move. I wanna be able to grab some necessary supplies after a kill on the game, sneak to the ocean so they couldnt find me for a few hrs, stuff like that. RDR did a great job with the animals so have high expectations.
  12. I'm really hoping they enhance the AI on the cops. As soon as i kill somebody they shouldn't know about it unless somebody saw or heard you (Remember Mankill on ps2). also they need to be alot smarter on strategy.
  13. I think Micheal will be the most guy i will use because he lives in Beverly Hills and will love the house detail in the game. Trevor is for Chaotic mode and Franklin is for the streets mode. Cant wait to rob some banks on here and scheme it out.
  14. They need to bring the jetpack back. money should not be a cheat or else there will be no point in the game. being that we can now swim and scuba dive we also need to be able to surf. i thought the weapon selection in TBOGT was amazing and dont think u can do much better than that. PED riot was one of my favorite cheats. i just wanna be able to pick up my boys and go rob anything i want to. Banks, Homes, Businesses.
  15. Thats a brilliant idea i would love if u could purchase homes, cars, boats online etc online. I also would like them to improve the nightclubs and have more of them. GTAV is gonna be the best game of all time!
  16. i would like GTA V to have much better internet use, not a bunch of stuff that doesn't mean anything. i would like to find and search for more people from the internet. Do U agree?
  17. Im Looking for a lot of new things in GTAV here are a few... 1. Interaction with pedestrians 2. Airport access, buying a ticket and traveling etc 3.Friends help u build empire or help more in general 4. BANKS. i wanna be able to rob it whenever i want to. more of them also. 5. they need to improve the way the police work, make it more realistic like they're staking us out or following me. i agree with the back alley comment. if the police don't see u do it it should take them a little longer to find u. also if u switch cars and they don't see u they should not be able to find you. 6. being able to enter and interact at places like Malls, Stores, restaurants, bars, Airport etc 7. Better Safehouses and I'm sure they're will be in V but more interaction. more realistic closet, clothes, shoes etc 8. wish they're was a lot more clubs to go to with your boys and pick up chicks. more interaction here also. 9. Better Cars and Suv's and modifying it. what do ya think?