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  1. Round here it means somebody's missing a pair of shoes. I suppose culture varies from Essex to Los Angeles. I dunno...that's what it means here, too, and I'm only an hour from LA. Okay let me rephrase that: "The prevailing notion that tennis shoes dangling from power lines mark the location of houses where drugs can be purchased. Or that they mark gang territories. Or that they mark the spot where gang members have been killed." That sounds like a reference to street gangs. Original Source Dudes do that to show that "this is their trap!"...or they're just being dicks with people
  2. Well Ontario has an INT airport and it's WAY closer than San Diego. I wonder if there will be suburbs rather than LS surrounded by immediate countryside in SA.
  3. Maybe Washington DC? That location would be ripe for parody.
  4. Louis CK would KILL it! Just give him his own freakin' talk show station
  5. I agree...K-DST was orgasmic but the last two classic rock stations were centered on late '70s, '80s ish. I just want more talk stations and an afrobeat/funk station. I also wonder about Lazlo...Integrity 3.0?