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  1. I'm Australian, that's nothing new to me. But, if that was in my bed, I would have burned the house down. Oh yeah, I'm very aware that Australia is deadly when it comes to critters.
  2. This one time back a couple years ago I met up with some old friends. These guys are major potheads so they were already blazed by the time I met up with them. If that wasn't enough, the smoked with me later that day. Anyway; It was pretty late at night and we were all very much gone. We decided to walk up to the local elementary school and just screw around. My one friend Joe had one of those big furry hats on with horns on it. For whatever reason, he decided to act like an actual Bull and start charging at me. I ran, but eventually just started playing along. I remember feeling like the Crocodile Hunter at one point, chasing a majestic Water Buffalo. He started running and I chased after him. He ran toward the swing set and jumped over one of the swings. I was right behind him and for a split second I thought what I was about to do might be a bad idea. But that notion passed in a second and I decided to go for it. I jumped but my aim was off and so was my balance. I ended up placing my foot on the swing. Instead of just getting off, I went to put my other foot on the swing. The swig started going up so I held onto the chains for dear life. As soon as I got parallel to the ground, I let go and fell. I don't remember the fall too well, I just remember getting up. I felt fine, I was even laughing. Then I looked at my hands and saw blood everywhere. We went back to my place and I passed out. When I woke up, I looked at my hand... And realized my fucking finger was bent completely upwards. It still is to this day. It sucks.
  3. You can stop posting at any time, I'm not holding a gun to your head. Lock it up, chief.
  4. Con; Yes. I'm promoting everyone. You're a mod, you're a mod.. And you're a mod. Lets start some shit. For all you know, I could be the Admin of six forums websites. The term "Noob" doesn't really fit when talking about behavior. Unless they're twelve, which I am not.
  5. gtagrl; Actually, I haven't interacted with you enough to decide if you're sensible.. (;
  6. Mass; If you want I could get you pissed off and angry. I'm good at that.
  7. Bones; Because Metal doesn't work that way. Tree; Why were they moved in the first place? One's about music and another is about topics being locked for no apparent reason. Con; I believe this is the first time I've met you, hello. So far you and Mass seem to be the only sensible mods I can talk to...
  8. This is a very.. Different community forum than what I'm used to is all. Not so much "Rulesy" just.. Odd rules. To me, anyway.
  9. Okay, I get that there are certain places for certain things and all. That's fine. But I mean.. Instead of just locking a thread without the author even getting a chance to explain his reasoning for opening a thread, could we at least get a Mod message? Or can they just let us move it to a different part of the forum so it can still go on? I've literally gotten three topics closed already for (What seems to me) not much of a good reason.
  10. Okay.. Isn't THAT a bit ignorant? I mean, I'm not much of a fan of Rap but they should be able to discuss rap if they'd like. By this logic, we should have specific movie genre threads too.. One thread with a hundred people commenting on it about completely different things... That isn't really a fun discussion. Sometimes people would like to talk about a certain bands new album or what this rap artist is doing or which record company that band signed to. You know?
  11. Most people don't exactly like the fact that Grand Theft Auto Online is being pushed back until after the release of Grand Theft Auto V. I see why Rockstar may have done this, though. For one, they're most definitely still working on improvements for it. Which is good, they should take all the time they need. Another reason is so people will actually play the single player story. I mean, nowadays when a game comes out people go right into the multiplayer and don't touch the story. They've worked really hard on this one though so I'm sure they want people to at least dig into it even a fraction before GTA Online is launched. Plus, it gives everyone a chance to get a feel for the game and learn everything there is before they start there gang or empire. What does everyone else think about this?
  12. I decided to make a new topic in the Entertainment section of the forums. It was simply to find the Metalheads so I may befriend them, discuss Metal, etc. But it was instantly locked. I looked and I saw that there is only one topic for each genre of music. Why? Isn't that kind of limiting?
  13. They're all probably dead right now anyway. This photo... You just had to be there. It was a good night.
  14. Don't get me wrong, if that thing so much as fucking crawls my way it's gonna get stomped. I like observing from a distance though.
  15. Any Metalheads on this forum? I'm not talking about Metal-Elitists dickheads. I mean respectable members of the Metal community. Death Metal, Grind, Hardcore, etc.
  16. Walking home one night, saw this Wolf Spider carrying her infants on her back.
  17. I actually think it looks great. Have you guys seen Moon? If you're interested in this than you might wanna check that movie out.
  18. I'm looking for semi-serious members for my crew, Gasmask Legion. People who can work like a team and get shit done but can also have some fun goofing around. Xbox only. My Gamertag is "veteran162" and my Social Club ID is "Imnotokay17". Crew link: