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  1. I'm expecting GTAO and the single player will eventually break into entirely different series'. Everything about this game is pointing in that direction. EDIT: What the hell?
  2. It says that I can do a mission as Frankie, but there are no spots on the map? Can somebody help with this?
  3. You do know you can just reload a manual save and finish the game again from there? ...You did remember to manual/quick save towards the end, didn't you? I only have one save file, so I'm screwed.
  4. I can't believe I have to restart the game because of This pisses me off royally, I want a patch right fucking now.
  5. When your car gets blown up, be sure to blow up with it, this way, you can pick it up from the impound lot. Retarded, I know.
  6. Buy betapharmacuticals and keep them until the end of the game. You can thank me later.
  7. That side mission gave me Saints Row the Third flashbacks. This really hindered my enjoyment of the mission
  8. I see many people complaining about there being two indie stations. Since I mostly listen to indie, I was kinda excited about these stations. Then the radio list leaked. It's like they cherry-picked all of the worst indie bands. No Flaming Lips, no Wilco, no Neutral Milk Hotel, just a bunch of wankery. The indie stations were my biggest disappointment in the game so far. That is, besides one of the endings.
  9. I'm also disappointed by the bumper car physics, but not enough to cancel my preorder.