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  1. This is FAN art. Not official art. That shows how skilled this dude is. It can actually pass as official artwork, only the drawing/coloring style is different. I saw that he also has a tutorial. I'm gonna get me a graphic tablet and start playing in Illustrator again. Maybe, maybe, I can become half as skilled as this lad.
  2. His arms look pretty messed up and simple. I've noticed that some of the characters/npcs have unnatural arms (ex: that drunk punker that walks in front of Pisswasser).
  3. Looks good but there's too much city space compared to the screenshots and what we know so far.
  4. Amazing! I loved that they showed the city and the countryside from more angles.. the map's huge. Also, the dog and Trevor - BADASSES.
  5. A real life rendition of this shot http://www.igta5.com...orskydiving.jpg . Kinda. Or it could be from GTA V's first DLC. You can never know. )
  6. The lighting, the draw distance, the scenery, the water...
  7. This is how I envision the map. Obviously the mountains and desert area might be misplaced and the transition is pretty bad on this one, but you get the general idea. Keep in mind that this is how I envision it, not that I'm sure or even trying to be accurate.. i'm just guessing and killing time.