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  1. I've lost two shiny new pegassis i bought, about a million dollars of car just gone....
  2. Anyone know exactly what time its getting released, or could hazard a guess? Midnight tonight GMT would be nice!
  3. This will sound really stupid to most people, but regarding the roadside construction id really like too see random roadworks that spring up around the map just adding to the game world immersion. I'm sure its possible but pretty unlikely. But i can dream!
  4. All they asked was if vehicles could be used as weapons I believe.. and he replied by saying you can shoot a hole in the gas line etc.. I don't think CVG was clear enough when they asked that question.. So my point is that I think there could still be a possibly of having weapons on vehicles. Too soon to rule that out.. That's what I got from it. "Can vehicles be used as weapons" is sort of a stupid way to ask a question. I dont think adding guns to cars is off the table necessarily. Yeah, i just listened to it again and the interviewer asked "What ways would you be able to weaponise a vehicle?[Excluding using the vehicle's insane speed]" the reply was "I wouldn't think there's anything directly like that". So yeah I'm not sure there's much hope for Infernus' with MK19 turrets on. But you never know!
  5. I think CVG already asked about that in their interview with Imran, answer was no.
  6. That's a good idea, probably a lot of legal leg work involved though, but i think the radio stations R* create are a really strong part of the game. They add to the overall immersion into Los Santos culture. Like in IV on Liberty Rock Radio the host would moan about the high taxes and high crime in the city supposedly the best in the world. Its those kind of little touches that make GTA games what they are, Just wouldn't be the same without them