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  1. Source? Found it on Facebook, do what you want with it, move it to Shit List, I don't care...
  2. Oh I think you'll be able to drive a car in GTA V
  3. Dude, they are still finishing the game, it's not done, they are fixing the bugs and everything.
  4. This is amazing, so much information that I had to delete my own name from my memory to remember this.
  5. So, I was scrolling through my facebook newsfeed, and I bumped into this. I liked a facebook page called "Ryder", and the guy posted this. "This is a thumbnail from the ONLY real leaked GTA V gameplay. Its from the first mission. Within minutes of the video being uploaded, rockstar removed and closed the page. All thats left is this thumbnail. Enjoy." Oh sorry, immediately after this picture, he posted this, but he made this himself I think "Rockstar also announced that GTA V's map will be larger than San Andreas, Red Dead, and GTA IV COMBINEDDDDDDD. This should give you a huge idea on the map size." This is the guys page:
  6. Gradualreport "Personally I like more smaller animals...the ones that go squeak in the night."
  7. Based of you're profile, I expected something along the lines of "yeeeeeeeeah man dat shit be dope ya know what im sayin nigga?" he never said he quit crack though.. Just don't tell her a'ight ? lol
  8. Lil Eazy-E is tired, cranky, needs to piss and not in the mood for jokes.
  9. What about Str8 up gangsta shit. B Dup: Getta fuck outta here befo' you be layin' on yo' back.
  10. Holy shit this looks too damn good ! First of all, I really don't think that the game will have multiple protagonists because that just sucks -.- and second, if our protagonist is that Ned Luke old dirtbag from the trailer, that's gonna be lame. Shit, I don't want to run around with a mid 50's year old man who can't even jump, without getting a heart attack, and when he starts to sprint, after 3 seconds he will need to take a break. I mean that's shitty. Who the fuck would like to play with a old man ?! For fucks sake... I think I'm gonna be very disappointed.
  11. Here you go people...<3
  12. Maybe they are editing or UPLOADING something XD
  13. I hope tomorrow. Tomorrow is also my birthday, so it would be a perfect present for me !
  14. SLow down there you're going to run out of your supply for the winter. Your gonna need it to for the info this month. Don't worry homeboy, I'm strapped up.