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  1. Its only a TV commercial, its not going to ruin your game-play experience.
  2. As we know the old guy looking out on downtown Los Santos used to have a criminal lifestyle, and he moved to Los Santos with his kids to escape his past basicly. But have you noticed he doesn't mention his wife or girlfreind. I think that she died. Now enough of fact, and time for theory. I think the young man we see in the trailer, driving the blue sports car, and robbing the jewellery store is actually the old mans son. I think this because they both look the same, with there hair line etc. But why would he be robbing? I think he is stressed out with his mums death, and the only person he has to look up too is his "criminal" dad. And he goes out and robs, for his dad, who pursuades him to rob. Dont hate, if you dont agree, atleast I am contributing. -Kris
  3. Thanks, merry Christmas to you too! Yeah, the one in GTA IV sucked!
  4. At 0.33 on the GTA V trailer, there is clearly a roller-coaster. I don't know if it will be ride-able but... I think I can see something moving on the rails, unless its just me. Or look at the picture. Thanks -Kris Durkin
  5. Dogs Cats Cattle (In Farms) Fish Birds Bears (In wood) Prob never going to happen though
  6. There is this video of a apparent GTA V "un-boxing". In my opinion it looks quite genuine, but why would Rockstar give it away early. Anyway please give me your opinion. Thanks Watch it here:
  7. In GTA V, what do you think will be more interesting in terms of things to do? -Country side, mountains etc. -Downtown, City etc. Just trying to get some opinions Thanks.
  8. I'm not saying as the main protagonist, but maybe he will make an appearance in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V? He might assist you in missions? Tell me what you think, I want some more Ideas Thanks.