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  1. I hope R* will reveal atleaset some information on gta 5 on gta4's anniversary which is next week. someone with me as they are quiet since months so all the information or half of the information will be revealed . just hope
  2. Like we saw in the screen shot the trailer is carrying cars there was a gate for protection so that the cars wont slip off. also if we shoot at the locks [if there is] the gates should open as shown in the screenshot everything is clear so R* shall allow us all the features they are showing us through trailers and screenshots. Am I right?
  3. <p>it would be good if we are able to buy a variety of different mobiles and computers for safehouse with different features it would be good if they give us more backgrounds for mobile phones. Even in GTA 4 we could call 911 and we would get an option to call police ambulance or firefighters. Even customising our parachutes would be great.Even nitro in vehicles would be good as far. like vehicle delivery from our friends and gun van we should get more options.</p>
  4. we must not bother who is the antagonist now as R* will reveal it or we will get to know in the game why we must reveal the suspense
  5. I say as R* said we will play as both the protagonist and antagonist at the same time in my opinion maybe we will get a choice ether in the end or start who will be the main Either Michael Franklin or Trevor. Or it could be like there would be another person in the game who will be the antagonist. Or we will be able to customise the antagonist. Also there could be multiple Antagonists
  6. if we can do sky divig with other protagonists all together would be cool right
  7. really it would be cool but I hate where when the trailer trashes and the cars automatically slide down off the trailer
  8. I would like an andromeda and fly high
  9. Trevor is my preference as he is crazy he can be most powerful of all