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  1. I tried playing SR4 couldn't get into its shitty graphics and story so i returned it to redbox lol
  2. Fryman i can 100 percent guarantee you ,rockstar warehouse delivers on day one,how do ik this you ask ?Because i preordered spec edition from them for precisely that reason along with strategy guide lim edit.Sorry for shitty paragraph I'm on my phone
  3. I love fact that all hardcore gta fans 0percented this topic because bowling created dumb post
  4. If you even followed GTA youd know its so big its gonna take 2 discs for 360 1 to download and one to play and 1 on PS3
  5. You sick bastard. Hes just telling us what we all want to hear, ive been waiting for that moment since GTA III
  6. Nah looks like the car has a roll cage and custom tires and spoilers.
  7. too bad your IQ is 7 Nah Vice is right that shit dont even make fucking sense, get some humor please I'd like seeing a lady trying to pepper-spray you only to have her attempts fail and be beaten unconscious with a bat(or collectors edition hammer) and then shot multiple times. Ah another reason i ordered special edition , The Almighty Hammer
  8. it would be pretty cool if instead of hogtie someone, you could handcuff them. maybe kill a cop and you can take his handcuffs, or pickpocket them from him. and you can use it during a fight, like when you knock someone down you can quickly handcuff them and to what you could do in RDR, like instead of putting them on a horse put them in your trunk and all that. i would kidnap so many people and just take them out to rural areas and "dispose" of them... Or Maybe watch a ped on streets in your white van for a while... when hes in a alley or alone pull over your van stuff him in van at gunpoint to desert and call cops to that area...then wait from a distance for them to arrive and pick them off one by one via PSG-1 Aka Watchdogs Equally Awesome to GTA They had something similar in SA. I'd love to see that return. Something is seriously wrong with you. Not just because of that ^sick, twisted, comment^, but also because you inserted a completely out-of-place emoticon at the end of it. Just add to his name tag xD Remember that very rare moment in RDR where youd be walking across desert and hear a sort of moaning sound and youd run to it just in enough time to see a man with a gun to his head crying over his dead wife in front of him...and then blam!!! he blows his brains out
  9. i can see it now....Here i gooooo *jumps off* hey this is pretty great *pulls chute but fails to open* ....oh shiiiiiiiiiit....SPLAT What is this , skyrim? When i buy a game from Bethesda id expect that but im pre-ordering a rockstar game!
  10. Id have never guessed you were same age as me lol
  11. Do you know how stupid that sounds? it would be pretty fun if you could do it tough right? Come on imagine jumping off a building in a glider suit and landing on top of a car just to take it out, then you could buy squirrel suits and use them whenever you want Sounds like something for SR4 ,although it wont be nearly as awesome as GTA V
  12. Go ahead, man, you don't have to hold it. We'll all wait here. I believe he meant he wants to watch Trevor take a dump in the game.
  13. Gonna definitely use Franklin for when im feeling gangsta and want to do some drive bys or commit grand theft, Michael for the everyday shit , and trevor when i want to go around like a madman kidnapping people and popping them in my trunk
  14. Hooray for monitoring every post made to make everyone feel like a jack ass, JC do you have no life
  15. Could you explain how any of that makes sense? What he is trying to say is: If the graphics are that of IV, there will be nothing to do after the campaign; in my opinion San Andreas is the best in the series! Still doesn't make sense, unless somehow graphics correlate to level of fun in-game. That makes even less sense because San Andreas had some of the shittiest graphics ive ever seen ,even for 2004...not to mention for 2007 GTAIVs graphics wernt really bad, the freeroam and world was just boring....Maybe he means The graphics may have been better in GTA4 but there was no replay value after the missions,and on other hand SA had shit graphics but there was so much replay value, and he hopes GTA V will have much replay value and great graphics, thats what i think anyway....