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  1. Pretty happy with this one. Took it in a mosh earlier this year.
  2. I live in a country where the government funds the public schools very well, so even they are just as good as the private ones. I was educated at mainly private schools nevertheless, purely on the basis of my friends attending them, and rest assured education-wise they were just as good as the few public ones I went to. Obviously there are countries, however, that put almost zero into their public education system, just speaking on my own person experience with them
  3. They all seem like very boring jobs though. Wouldn't you prefer to get out in the open? Historian? I've known no historian below the age of 50. Do you want to be 50?
  4. Linx


    I take it must be quite good then. What does the GOTY edition give me as extra? Forgot to mention it was.
  5. Linx


    Was gifted Fallout 3 today by a very kind friend. What should i expect?
  6. Linx

    Crash Bandicoot

    This series has gone to absolute shit, I would compare it to Spyro in the way that a new developer has ruined the whole thing. Wish it was still in the hands of Naughty Dog, then at least there would be a glimmer of hope.
  7. Worst thing that has happened to me medically was having my foot impaled my a Christmas tree stand. I've never even been in a life threatening situation.
  8. I usually don't like GTA 4 takes like this but that was actually enjoyable. Good work to whoever created it!
  9. Linx

    1979 The Game

    Never heard if this game until now, but it sounds good and appears to be promising for now.
  10. Can't upload a screenshot at this time but usually around a 17Mb/s download and 0.6Mb/s upload.
  11. Then you're on the wrong fansite. This game may miss the mark. Ubisoft do make good games from time to time, but even AC missed that magic, that thing... Ah I dunno, the GTA thing. Nope! I'm on the right fan site. GTA is by far my favourite series of anything (film, book, video game) in the world. However, contrary to popular belief (or your belief rather), I am actually allowed to like other games more. There's no way that it will come close to GTA San Andreas or GTA 3, my two favourite games of all time, bit I think it looks like it will be a better game than GTA 5 despite its rather 'generic' look. Assassins Creed was different to me. It looked it shit and to be frank it was shit. WATCH_DOGS doesn't look shit, there's the difference, so at least it has some hope.
  12. Yeah, unless you're buying multiple editions or copies of the game for whatever reason (retail?) anything near $200 dollars is completely ridiculous.
  13. Linx


    Drugs can do a lot to a mind. More than many people initially realise before they are talked in to (or tricked, on occasion) consuming them. The low level of awareness also helps convey the lie. Depending on which drug it was that the soldiers (?) consumed I would guess it would be fairly easy to trick anyone into a false sense of reality.
  14. This is the one game I want more than GTA 5. 'nuf said.