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  1. i saw the gameplays, the driving is actually pretty good, so i was wrong... but, the suspension could be improved... and the damage is same as 4, meaning it's way too good... the only problem i see is the suspension... when you go over a sidewalk it looks like tdu2... which has some pretty bad driving physics... i'm not saying the physics are bad... just the suspension is not the best ever....
  2. just going to do what i did in SA... gonna pick up random cars in the streets and tune them just for fun... but i will probably have an offroad sultan, a little bit of impreza style... and do THIS in MT. Chilliad
  3. what about those xyz's in the house in the left... i think that pic was taken ages ago.... lol
  4. of course they won't be that weak... and they will probably just lose the control of the turning, and depending if it has or not turbines on the wings, it may explode or may just stop going.... it would be fun trying to fly with 1 wing...
  5. there will be probably a 2 door sultan... and you might be able to tune it in LS Customs...
  6. i hope not too... the super gt looks better... i'm thinking that maybe the rapid gt will be replacing the super...
  7. i think we can pretty much confirm that is a cognoscenti sport or something... the taillights look just the same... and so does the front end. just one small question for you guys... do you think the ocelot f620 just replaced the super GT? because they look almost the same... except for rear/ front ends...
  8. I just hope those wheels are preliminary and that they make some better wheel positioning... it looks just like it's too much of an amateur car ou know... a homemade vehicle... like this thing down here...