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  1. So, first they're saying not much customization, now the previews have notions of massive customization? Reason for the delay, perhaps?
  2. Would be pretty interesting if the outbreak starts with one person at a hospital and then they bite someone and then the two people bite two other people and so on. The challenge would be in trying to survive. With the population of the zombies growing exponentially, it would be entertaining to see the three protagonists try to survive in the different locations.
  3. Of course he existed.... You really think they were gonna add another character and change up the whole storyline and mission sturcture that late into development? which is why i was thinking he was the one in trailer one picking up a prostitute. Since the gas station in the "ignore the bodies" part of trailer two was very similar in appearance. This idea was quickly shot down by fitty though, so I gave up on that pursuit. of course this was before I had to switch my igta5 account to link with my twitter account, because facebook wouldn't allow me to log in.
  4. Assuming everyone has ipad or iphone or something similar
  5. "" "it's all the same repetitive shit. I hate it, it's dumb" ironic?
  6. does that mean trevor is probably the one soliciting prostitution? that guy in the car is bald(ing?)
  7. Someone should redo the header thing on the main page. it has all shots from trailer one and the image of franklin makes me shake my head everytime i see it. he looks too different now.
  8. Well, the buildings we're focusing on are just downtown, right? There wouldn't be skyscrapers in the ghetto areas?
  9. I would rather focus on the story in one player mode and save customization for multiplayer.