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  1. Yes, the Mower in Sa is great xD I hope the vehicles are able to have nitro again and as well the tuning options... A (short) vehicle wish list: Dumper, Comebine Harvester, Rhino & Hunter At-400 & Andromeda,the Vortex & other armed boats and probaly able to use a wheelchair xD Throwing knives, a hatchet and as well a fire axe would be nice, but I doubt that V will contain them Furthermore I want to use a spray can and the fire extinguisher again, and of course the tear gas xD
  2. First off all I'll start to explore some streets, beat up some peds with the fists to try the fightsystem in GTA 5 and drive around the area Then start the first missions and probaly unlock some stuff Also I'll mess up with some cops and'll see how long I survice against them
  3. I hope the Army (if they return....) use the hydras again, but not when you have 4 Stars and the SWAT hunts you, it was really pointles in Sa. So far I know the SWAT doesn't have acces to jets, but well, it was the Sa world^^....I really looking forward to some nice missions where hydras (or wahtever the name for the jet in GTA V is) will appear
  4. Well, probaly it was a little AI fail, but Rockstar could upgrade the AI since the trailer... Anyway, it's really annoying in Sa, you tuned your car and at the next juction everyone'll ram your vehicle... As well I hope the cars don't blow up when you shoot with a weak 9mm on it, only if you shoot at the gas tank or use explosive stuff But on the hand its funny to see how CJ is able to blow up a car only with fists
  5. Well, now I am sure that there are different kinds of one weapon and a laser sight take part as well... This last picture looks like a mission, where you have to steal a vehicle or something
  6. The Cops in IV were stupid as hell and and really esay to beat...but too realstic were awful, Just like in Mafia II get tickets for driving too fast or for hitting people. As well it would be nice if they're using tear gas or handcuffs and don't shot you too death when you have 2 stars...Also I would be nice if the player is able to use the same things like tear gas too^^ As well I think the police will probaly using police dogs, because there are some scene in the trailer where dogs can be seen. ( Yep, my English is bad, but I am sorry for my awful Englsih skills^^)
  7. i don't think this would be pretty fun for the gameplay...but probaly one mission where you are in a prison and have to break out....just like this mission in Mafia II
  8. Well,I think muscle training return (Like we saw in the Trailer) But there are some sings: Picture 1: I guess,everyone here have allready noticed that ''Piercing'' sign,so I think we are able to wear piercings... Now check these pictures: And also these pictures: We see,that both persons wear diffrent clothes in diffrent scenes.... Also at the last picture the person have tattoos and a watch...
  9. Well,I am sure all the small towns arround Los Santos and Red County will return.... I am not sure,but I believe SF and LV make a return,whatever... But have a look at this picture,there we saw a village sign that said ''Grocery'' In my opinion this area looks a bit like Bone County.... Well,but also we see the ♥♦♣♠ symbols Exactly the same symbols we saw on the http://images4.wikia...6/Las_Vegas.jpg ''Welcome to Las Vegas'' sign,just in another order Maybe a sign for LV,who knows...?
  10. Sure,the SWAT TEAMs from Sa are not very smart (Okay,the AI is old) but their only armed with a 9mm Uzi... But I dont think,the shoot-outs will be the same one as in Max Payne 3 (Just a guess...) But I hope their sattle down from a Police Maverick (name of the Helicopter) like in Sa
  11. Well,the idea is not bad,but if you are in nowhere and and you have a unquie vehicle which is run out of gas.... Maybe R* put a ''Gas-refill'' Cheat or something else like this. Also able to turn the fuction on and off
  12. I also look forward when the countyarea is very big.... I missed that in IV to drive with a ''Freeway'' bike through the dessert
  13. Well,the unique weapons in Sa,like the flowers,or the spraycan Weapons like in Fallout Maybe Boxing Gloves or throwing spears... But,that's GTA,not Fallout... I think R* will put the regular weapons like a 9mm or Mp5 and maybe some hidden,unique Weapons
  14. Maybe a fake,probaly he used something like ''firebug'' to make a real looking fake like this.... When Rockstar annonuce a second trailer,then we will see it on many gameswebsites...
  15. Have a look at this picture. Look at the ''ACE Sign'' and you see ''lottery ticktes'' and also seems that we are able to enter this shop. The doorglas is transparent. Also there are ♣♦♥♠ on the bigger ''Liquir sign''. Maybe a sign of gambling in GTA V? Also it looks like Bone County in San Andreas. Maybe a small village in the near of Las Venturas? But thats another topic...