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  1. Fuck it...Let's just go bowling... Watched a live stream yesterday. Looks as good as I hoped. Should easily get a 10/10
  2. I really doubt it. Just because people get new consoles doesn't mean they stop playing their old ones. Idk how you came to that conclusion. I'm not even remotely concerned with next gen and GTA6. All I care about right now is GTAV and GTAOnline on my good ol' current gen.
  3. I didn't say they would be developing online for 5 - 6 years. I just said that would be their focus over a whole new GTA on next gen. And while some people might be getting the new consoles, I'm not about to drop $400 on it just yet, and I'm sure there are others as well. I'm sure that there are plenty of people who will keep their old consoles. Hell I still play San Andreas on PS2. I'm especially keeping my current console for GTA Online if there is going to continuously be new content, as will many people on this site.
  4. For all we know the other cities could already be created. After all TLAD and TBOGT were created along with GTA4. Just released at a later date. And there won't be another GTA game for a while. I think GTA Online will become their primary focus for quite some time. Creating new areas, missions, ect. for at least the next 5-6 years. Other Rockstar projects could go to Next Gen over the next few years, But GTA will doubtfully be one of them. Regardless, very excited for the game and for GTA Online.
  5. I'm still loving that there are waves. Minor but awesome detail.
  6. It was never a matter of if I won't get the game or if I think the game will be good or bad. I'm convinced either way the game will be fantastic. Reading reviews or seeing their scores simply comes from curiosity. They're not going to change my opinion or my perception of the game in any way.
  7. Yeah it just makes sense since North Yankton is the only postcard that we haven't seen in the screens or trailers. - I think that's likely, but I feel like a structured set timeline isn't something rockstar would put into a GTA game. At the same time they did take this game in a bold new direction so I suppose anything is possible.
  8. I figured it would be something like that. It just seemed weird to have it snow in LS. But Im all for it. It would be sweet either way.
  9. IV got a 10 on most sites. I would be shocked if V didn't get the same. Though if i had to review it myself, i'd agree with Dup and it would be OFF THE CHARTS. GOTY. No Doubt.
  10. I still wish we got a screenshot or a small clip in a trailer confirming the snow. That one postcard makes me hopeful, but still has me skeptical. The maps look great, but i know they're based of the screens and trailers and such. Since we haven't really seen the snow, Is there any part of the map we really haven't seen in some way, that could be where it snows? Since i doubt its just going to start snowing in downtown LS or in the desert.
  11. Looks just like it. Still looking for a screen with snow, something a little more than that postcard. Ah well. Still some pretty nice ones.
  12. The topic says spoilers "you dumb fuck." Don't enter the topic if you don't fucking want to know it.
  13. Pretty sweet. and...There is a Sasquatch on the City of Los Santos Emblem (:
  14. Collectors Edition. FTW. Interested to see what classic characters we'll get in multiplayer. Plus I want the bonus cars and garage and all that extra merch. And all that crap that comes with the special edition too.
  15. More than likely the Military base is in the NW corner. Since we haven't officially seen the base, and haven't officially seen the NW corner. Idk what else could be there.
  16. It looks more realistic in V. In IV they wouldn't really cuff them up against the car like in this pic. They just kind of casually walked them over to the back seat and the ped got in.
  17. They already confirmed that the fourth person is your online avatar. Idk if the picture will show, or just stay blank. But it's already been told that it's the online character.
  18. ....otherwise you could replay the most basic mission and just keep getting money. That would be stupid.