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  1. My name is aDrellAssassin, well not really obviously. I enjoy guns and pandas, see profile picture.
  2. LOL at minute 1.25 she took a bullet to the uterus.
  3. My # 1 fav song is bon jovi's dead or alive. It's pretty ironic to listen too while getting chased by cops.
  4. My all time favorite car was mr. Whoopee or mr. tasty in iv. Nothing beats riding around in an icecream truck while you listen to the bad ass jingles.
  5. john marston is my all time favourite character it's to bad that he's such a pain in the ass when he becomes a zombie in rdr undead nightmare.
  6. I stopped playing rdr's multiplayer ever since some guy hacked into the game and started floating around the map. He was also invincible and if he shot you it was a one hit ko.
  7. I hope agent will have a stealth system, like in hitman absolution.
  8. Whats the re playability like in this game? Is it like once your finished the game your done, or can you continue to play quests and missions afterwards (like in gta 4)
  9. One of my favorite characters was John marston, until well, certain complications involving him occurred...
  10. I like this game cause you get to mash someones face in with a bong and then watch them die.
  11. They better have lots of strip clubs. Not that i visit them or anything. Or kill the strippers afterwards. Or throw grenades in the club for no apparent reason. And I most definitely don't drag the corpse to the nearest dumpster. And proceed to do unspeakable things to it.
  12. The one thing I want this game to have is a functioning atm that serves a goddamn purpose.
  13. The military better actually try and kill me this time and not just give me a slap on the hand and confiscate of all my weapons.
  14. The sound effects should be much more detailed than they were in iv. for example. When you shoot your gun, you should be able to hear the empty shell hit the pavement. yea, that'd be pretty interesting. I can hear that in real life. The walking, i mean.