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  1. Could you explain how any of that makes sense? What he is trying to say is: If the graphics are that of IV, there will be nothing to do after the campaign; in my opinion San Andreas is the best in the series! Still doesn't make sense, unless somehow graphics correlate to level of fun in-game. He means that that if they spend too much time on the graphics, there wont be enough time to make fun things. In SA the graphics were shit but you could do almost anything you want. In IV the graphics are amazing but the only things to do are kill people and drive around.
  2. I think buying cars would be awesome and having the ability to customize them. Though, I do wish they had two different saving modes. When you save the game it saves what ever is in your garage. They should have a save for the game and a save for the garage. With this, you can save the game without losing your car if it's not in the garage. I think you should only be able to change the cars in the garage by saving them separately This would be great because you could use your car for missions and game play and when you save the game you know they will still be there for you.
  3. That'd be pretty cool, I think they should throw in a 7th star and that's where it turns around. I say once you've killed enough military and gotten to the 7th star, they start sending in the little remote controlled droids that they use in the middle east to blow you up.
  4. You have to admit though, it'd be cool if they had a military base somewhere in the map where you could go and take a military vehicle if you wanted. I wouldn't mind driving a 4 man humvee or a 20 man carrier, maybe even military cargo/fighter planes.
  5. I think it'd be cool if you could not only have the plane explode, but actually damage the building as well, Like put a nice hole in it or even have it collapse, surely the building would have to respawn but I think it'd be a cool thing to see. Or if you hit a house, like you take the roof off of the house.
  6. You know what I'd like to see? More realistic lightning/sirens with the Emergency Response Vehicles. It seems that they have been using the same lighting technique since GTA III. I wish they made different types of police/fire/EMS vehicles for different parts of the map. Not only that, I wish they changed up the idea. I like how on the computer you can use ELS and have all different types of ERS vehicles and more realistic lights. Also, with ELS you can have some cars with inside lights, front/rear lights, top bar & inner lights. etc.. I just wish they'd put more detail into them and make them more realistic.