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  1. GET OUT.Yes, Pawn let's just scare off another female member because this place is obviously just full of them... <_< You reek of despretness You reek of horrible spelling. Fuck off. You still reek of it, don't get mad buddy its ok. Go find some internet chicks!
  2. GET OUT.Yes, Pawn let's just scare off another female member because this place is obviously just full of them...<_< You reek of despretness
  3. Mine just left Kentucky, they shipped it next day air, it was ready on the 14th but they didn't send until late 15th so keep your hope up its guaranteed Scratch that its already in Houston, ill be getting it first thing in the morning
  4. You would think that shim would be ok with some mangling of body parts
  5. I got the email from R* that my CE has been shipped, sweet mamma jamma!
  6. I hope there is a flying cheat to make cars and boats fly, get in the submarine and fly away. I didn't like the cheats being in the phone in IV especially when I was running from the cops then I get shot and have to pull it back up, either way is fine just not a fan of the phone
  7. Could have fooled me every post is the same, just in different words
  8. Yep, and it said I'd receive another email when they ship it. I noticed the zip code wrong and have sent 2 different slips on it Also the money is gone from my account from ADS Rockstar games I've been trying to find a number to call to get it sorted out so I don't have to worry
  9. I hope so, I've been billed that's why I'm on their ass about getting it to me on time ahh well, good luck! Hopefully we both get ours on time
  10. Gas anyone got the confirmation from R* about their shipment being sent, they have my zip wrong and I don't want to get my CE Late!. I can still go pick up my regular game from gamestop but I'm really looking forward to the CE
  11. I'm going to purchase a golf cart, supe it up and use it for all my bank robberies I don't care if I need a four door car!
  12. They tend to be whining and bitches, lets change the topic. How about those leafs?!
  13. I just canceled my CE and pre order, thatll teach R* to not have good driving mechanics on a game we haven't played!.
  14. We get it your going to do up a dubsta and you might do the same with a rebel sheesh
  15. I won't be attendeding a midnight release, as I have severely sprained my foot I can't even drive to go get it cause its my right foot, so I have to wait for my CE to be delivered sucks
  16. awe come on, lemme stay. I promise i'll behave... or not, whichever you prefer Hey me, look forward to the death bed where you tell the nurse your dying words, see you then!
  17. We know that, but when you switch to them will they just stop in place, or keep going about their lives until you move the joystick ect. Ect.?
  18. I'm not sure if this has been asked it answred, but when you switch characters and you zoom and land on one will they keep going about their lives or will they just stop and stand there. I've had the worst week of my life so I havent been up to date on the latest. Anyhoo, I'd like it if they just kept going until you pushed a button, Is just sit there and watch for hours.
  19. The noob said to lick it... Right. Anyway they didn't have a 1-10 scale either way its the very top Lock*
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