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  1. Of all the many many many stoners I know, NO ONE mixes tobacco into their weed. O.o
  2. Not too familiar with how IMDB works, but Ned Luke's IMDB profile says his character's name in GTAV is Albert De Silva. Could this be the main character's actual name or a placeholder? GTA V on IMDB
  3. They got in trouble for the Hot Coffee MOD, and you want them to introduce gangbanging?!
  4. If it IS Rockstar's version of San Diego, then it's the Door to America from Mexico!
  5. IF real, Las Palmas could be Palm Springs...general direction from LS is the same as in real life, would give a place for the windmills to be....AND, Indian Casinos! Who needs Venturas?!
  6. Honestly, from my experience (not saying you're wrong, just my experience), all it means is someone snatched up someone else's shoes and to be a dick, threw them up on some power lines. I've done it before and there were no purchasable drugs that I knew of nearby, nore was it a gang territory that I knew of and I certainly don't remember anyone being killed there. Numerous friends and acquaintances have done the same, some from LA, and it just means they're assholes EDIT: With the said, I do believe gang culture will be represented in the game (its LA, how can it not be?) and I believe those shoes on the line are probably in a neighborhood run by a street gang. But that's just cuz of stereotyping.
  7. Not buyin that release date. January or June, either way its a Friday.
  8. Round here it means somebody's missing a pair of shoes. I suppose culture varies from Essex to Los Angeles. I dunno...that's what it means here, too, and I'm only an hour from LA.