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  1. money is out of control in online

    1. Santiago
    2. Brian


      Hi captain obvious, welcome to you're late.

    3. Kwarb


      Realy? I didn't know that... I wonder why that is...

  2. merry christmas

    1. ViceMan


      You fuckwit, it's still easter here! You have offended my religion, my culture and most importantly my sainted mother! How dare you!

      *puts on fake honky voice*

      Nah'buddiscoo' fo' sho'

    2. DuPz0r


      "Happy Holiday" Got to stay politically correct, niggas..

    3. KPXT32


      nope Merry Christmas

  3. Tweet #BringBackBrian to get him back to cast your vote

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    2. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      where's the love for mrs. krabappel, someone who actually died?

      or luanne on king of the hill? britney murphy...

    3. GunSmith


      LuAnn was great in The Ramen Girl. Watch it.

    4. Ace Of Spades

      Ace Of Spades

      Gunny to your first comment. John Marston, he was worth the tears.

  4. Half a Million is in the bank for players

  5. what a surprise the $ 500,000 from Rockstar is delayed who did not see that coming

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    2. KPXT32


      no you get half at one point then they will give you the other have at one point they don't want to give you the hold at one time or they will distableize the in game economy

    3. gtagrl


      Yeah, since the rest of it is sooo stable already...

    4. KPXT32


      yeah but that's what they said lol

  6. Go Help out a good man @ProSyndicate he is so close to 1 million Followers @twitter #syndicate1mill

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    2. DuPz0r
    3. Massacre
    4. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      you should check out and follow my good friend @CaPn_bOnEs as he goes for 50 followers... #bOnEs50

  7. half a mill is not a lot in gta online things are a lot of money but i guess it's better than nothing
  8. Q:half a mill ok for lose of characters i don't know granted i'am way past my First character what does everybody else think

    1. Qdeathstar
    2. Otiz P Jivefunk
    3. Ace Of Spades

      Ace Of Spades

      My time was worth atleast $800,000 but money doesn't fill the emotional wounds.

  9. finished the story for GTA 5 it was great but it seemed a bit empty like something was missing or something but all in all was great the was they made the story did not feel like 69 missions seamed like more of a movie

    1. DuPz0r


      Now go back and get gold on them all, then get 100%

    2. KPXT32


      well of course what i was just saying was that the game does not seem to have a lot to do in the aspect of thing after the story it seems dead i don't know if you get that or not hard to explain but still great game

  10. GTA 5 is Great Driving is a little lose but not a deal breaker

  11. Trailer was Sweet

    1. Ku Zi Mu

      Ku Zi Mu


      It was Kendell too...

    2. The Goon

      The Goon

      It wasn't that good...

    3. KPXT32


      i thought i was anything from this game is sweet can't wait to play it

  12. GTA Online Is Sweet