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  1. half a mill is not a lot in gta online things are a lot of money but i guess it's better than nothing
  2. can't believe that it's 3 maps big that's crazy on the other hand it's Rockstar lol
  3. Let's hear it for a new L.A. Noire hopefully i know they said they would not make another one because of the legal battle but i think they should make another one there making gta 5 a new red dead redemption so why not a new l.a. noire right lol
  4. Been Checking out all the information about the new gta and it's going to be great i'am glad there focusing on mini games like golf i loved hitting golf balls in vice and thought they were on to something glad to see them now doing it plus how the money is going to play a more important role in the game unlike it did in gta iv where you had to much to do any this with all in all shaping up to be a good game can't wait
  5. to make drinking a thing like in the ballad of gay tony
  6. I loved San Andreas I though it give you a real feeling that you were a gangster and living in los santos