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  1. All aboard the Red Dead hype train!

    1. ViceMan


      I think i'll pretend to be a horsey instead; get in character, y'know... Here, put this dress on.

  2. So whats changed?

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    2. Darth Sexy
    3. gtagrl


      Craze is back, too.

    4. Santiago


      The gang is back. PC gaming and HS have taken over my life :/

  3. Anybody can help me level up my new character Online on PS4?

    1. Ginginho


      Yep - but you have to be online the same time as me... which probably doesn't help you sorry...

  4. Ok so I got GTA V on the PS4. I have a new PSN account. I linked the new account with my social club thinking it would let me transfer my old character from my PS3 account. Is there any way to get my old character back along with my CE stuff.

  5. Entering Canada - Friendly Patrol, No Problems Leaving Canada - Douchebag Fatass American Fucker Who Put Problems For Everything. Otherwise a pretty good trip.

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    2. Santiago


      Have to pass through Buffalo. Too much snow.

    3. Santiago
    4. Brian


      Welcome to New York.

  6. Finally in the hotel.

  7. Santiago


    So know that the PS4 has the party party, are you switching Brian? Edit: Just noticed ch-at is changed to party. I know I'm late since I haven't been active.
  8. Going to Canada. Do they have Five Guys is my biggest concern.

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    2. CFO Charles

      CFO Charles

      Also, where in 'nadia? If you find yourself near the Shwa I can get you amazing weed. Might make a fun story... ?

    3. Brian


      Used to go to Five Guys with my cousin all the time in Florida when he was alive. Definitely the best joint burger place around, and quite frankly they have better burgers than almost all restaurants I've been too. Throw in Cajun fries and unlimited peanuts? Hell yeah.

    4. Santiago


      Phew. I thought I had to bring my own Fibe Guys. I'm not sure where yet but you may have convinced me to go your way Charles.

  9. I think the payout will range from 50k-75k since it's split or whatever. They will raise it on those 2x weekend events and some heist related events. The job points for a heist is what I was thinking too since there is no use for them in the game at the moment.
  10. Heists have been so hyped up that when we do get them, it'll be disappointing. I only hope we get good amounts of cash from them but R* wants us to buy Shark Cards for money so I don't expect it to give us that much.
  11. It's not like we're getting heists anytime soon.
  12. MP Events will be for the PS4, right?

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    2. DuPz0r


      Vote for the night you would prefer:

    3. grove_nz


      I'm in London now and a month away from having my ps3 set up again. Don't go changing things when I'm finally able to play every week...

    4. DuPz0r


      We're not changing the ps3 day. That will stay the same until their is no longer enough people to play on that platform. This discussion is purely about the new day for PS4. That way, some of us can play both if they wish.

  13. He's an Assassin turned Templar. And it takes place during AC4 - AC3. I would get this version if I didn't own a PS4. I'll watch Let's Plays I guess. Edit: No multiplayer for Rogue.
  14. Florida was great. Now back to Jersey.

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    2. Santiago


      m8 Gulf side 4 life. But I was in both. And sadly I didn't go to the Everglades.

    3. Brian


      Every summer I spend my weeks on the Atlantic side, never spent too much time on the gulf side.

    4. TwoFacedTanner


      The Gulf side is the best.

  15. It's a game full of bullshit and sometimes, miracles. Let's hope one of those miracles is Colombia winning against Ivory Coast tomorrow.
  16. I got bored after playing just 3 hours of it. Let's hope there is more to add in the final release.
  17. I got accepted into the beta. Can I stream or is it against EAs code?
  18. I got accepted to the BF: H beta. Anyone else?

    1. Brian


      No email yet, but I signed up.

    2. Santiago


      Currently downloading.

    3. Brian


      I've gotten all the BF betas so far

  19. Santiago


    Single player footage of Assassin's Creed: Unity. Oh my God, the new animations are beast.
  20. The side flip at :40 The AI, the physics ( chair falling at :57 ), the graphics, the gameplay! This looks like an AC worth buying. Unless Ubisoft pulls out a Watch_Dogs on us again.
  21. Santiago


    What's wrong with modding. It adds replayability to a game. Although, modding like they are doing in this case is hacking.
  22. The only way to play stealthy is to headshot a person, let the other person see and wait until they come and headshot them. Move on and repeat. I beat the game mainly hacking and playing stealthy. The ending did not make sense at all. The story and hints and the end were really good though.
  23. Yeah the animations look identical to AC2. But the gameplay is what makes this game looks fun.
  24. Assassin's Dogs: Watch Creed confirmed.
  25. I like how this topic is 111 pages long and Skyrim released on 11-11-11. Also, I wish I had Skyrim for the PC. *sigh*