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  1. So how do we store the boat that will be available?
  2. I wouldn't mind a house kinda like the one behind the light house on the eastern side of the map. With a dock.
  3. When I go to pause>friends>select a friend I don't see where it says join them. It just says send game invite and options.
  4. I'm going to make my way to the vanilla unicorn and cash out that 500,000 in coins and throw them at the strippers. Make it rain!!!!!
  5. Cloud servers are once again a pain.
  6. So if we go online but it takes us straight to the character creation screen but it still shows us our money is that the same problem yesterday as far as the cloud?
  7. It keeps saying my session has timed out. Damn Saturdays.
  8. I was just waiting on people to accept my friend request so didn't have much of an option.
  9. All the stupid little fuckers who just run u over then u respawn where you died and they run u over again. And since U have to level up to get better guns it's hard to kill them. That's the sole reason I hate online. If I don't initiate trying to kill u leave me the fuck alone. Or they will just follow u around while driving hitting ur car or shooting at u.
  10. So I'm finally able to get online without any problems. But when picking your first free car does it have to be from the legendary Motorsport website or just any car I jack from a npc?
  11. I finally got to the initial race and unfortunately u get shitty choices but it's whatever.