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    Aight, this should work. I made the video with all original music. Sanchez fun around the beach
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    Beloved GTA fans, list your animal wishes here, tell us what animals would you like to see in the next GTA, ok I'll go first: -Dogs (running around, street dogs, dogs in somebodies yard) -Cats (same as dogs, but maybe they can put them on roofs, on some walls, maybe backyards...) -Snakes (if the dessert is in the game) -All kinds of fishes -squirrels There you go now it's your turn !
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    Fuck yeah R2D2 - that is such a great feeling until you look in the bag a week later and think "where the fuck did it all go?" I only buy ozs now, so much better value for money and I have a regular, safe supplier. I smoke all the good buds and by the time I have about a quarter left, I stash it with a whole lot of others that I've saved for making butter. Still going from last year - pretty sure the butter will be made mid-September this year :weed:
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    I'm going to either do all the missions and see where they take me or turn off the mini map, steal a car, and see where I end up after a few hours.
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    I agree QD, that dpad looks like shit. The whole prototype seems like some cheap knockoff controller made in china.
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    im gonna run over sooo many animals in this game.
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    I hope that when you get in a fight with someone everyone else doesn't just start running, it would be cool if when you start a fight a couple of people crowd around some cheering you on, and some even take out their phones to record it.
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    well i'm selling my two Xbox's since i never got into them, so i'll be getting it for ps3, im a playstation fan, always have been. I just think most games look and feel better on the ps3.
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    Where to start? *mild sarcasm* Ok, the police should be smarter as they were too dumb in GTA IV. Have you ever been on 1 star wanted so the police try to throw you out your car but you park on a cliff edge and they all jump off one by one? And maybe have the option to resist arrest? Also, more weapons! GTA IV had two of each type which was poor. I want GTA 5 to have 3 or 4 of each type e.g. shotguns, assault rifles, melee weapons etc. And DEFINITELY better melee mechanics. I mean - have you ever tried to punch or hit a civlian that is running? You can't punch unless you go into fighting stance where you move at like 0.1 miles per hour which sucks. I also want to see more clothing as there was not much choice in GTA 4 and all the clothes were so dull. We will be dressing up 3 characters so definitely more choice and maybe a more... exotic range e.g. hawaiin shirt, short sleeves etc. Plus I want to see more enterable buildings. GTA IV you could only go in hospitals and only the biggest buildings. I want to go inside a police station maybe? Break out prisoners, kill the desk sergeant?