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    No, see, this is what I had in mind: gta v 5 grand theft auto 5 v los santos police screenshot leak beach gta v 5 grand theft auto 5 v los santos police screenshot leak beach
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    It'll never happen but I just had an uber thought today; what if the next GTA was set in the same place as RDR, it would be nice to revisit the same area we know so well but see it by 21st century standards, how all the settlements have expanded and encroach on the small amount of wilderness left. Blackwater would be a huge metropolis probably reaching down into Thieves' Landing and beyond, Armadillo would probably be the second largest city and then there'd be all the small abandoned ghost towns, untouched since the time of RDR. Tumbleweed could be a theme park owned by the disgruntled Native American ancestors of those in 1911. Of course there's no indication that RDR and GTA take place in the same universe but i'd still like to see it. As I say it'll never happen but oh well, I can dream... now if you'll excuse me i'm going to continue rambling to myself... *walks off mumbling to self*
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    I don't think anyone should look into the hints in GTAIV as there's no way Rockstar would have been thinking where to go next. The Ballad of Gay Tony 'Next Stop Poster' however, was probably just put there to create talk like in this thread. I reckon they're taking notice of what the fans want this time round. @Duff I also think if we're to see any hints, it could be via L.A. Noire. I already think I've seen a location hint in there for AGENT, but that's for another thread.
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    There were minor things in each game. They mentioned San Andreas on the radio in Vice City, there was the pager message in GTA III where Ray mentioned Miami, and there was a flyer for Pirates in Men's Pants (Treasure Island) laying around somewhere in GTA III. It just happened that no one picked up on it until after the games came out. They mentioned Vice City pretty often in IV, that combined with the hints from the last trilogy supports the theory that they'll do the LC/VC/SA thing again. And the picture under the Liberty City poster has already been confirmed as the poster for the Viagra parody in the game.
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    I don't really care about my rep count, you know that. In fact I'm quite curious to see what happens if it reaches -100. Anyway, there won't be a special edition for L.A. Noire. Can't remember the source of that info but it's official, so if anyone's holding out before pre-ordering in the hope that it will be available, it won't. Might as well pre-order one of these to save yourself buying the DLC in future: L.A. Noire Pre-order Also, I hope we get to see Elsa's tits, a space monkey told me that nakedness is not limited to dead women only.
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    Quote JT:"I hate being right all the time" - I wish Michael Fucking Pachter could say that.
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    Cheers, knew I could rely on you fellas!
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    these cheap traffic comments are kind of pissing me off... like this place needs a few extra hits... it's recognized by rockstar games as an official fan site... we don't need the "cheap" traffic here at all... we get exclusive screens so who cares what the internet thinks...
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    Get a screen cap then resize it, then add it as an image in your sig instead. Maybe you could have more quotes that way. Just an idea. @TF
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    I totally see it. Never mind the watermark fail, I completely neglected that part. I also should've made it darker. Also, double posts no longer merge into one post. Weak.
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    I didn't realise she was showing any cleavage, I was looking at her face. But now you mention it, yeah I see it now.
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    I knew that fucker was a wop. No wonder he fancies the ass off that nazi Elsa Lichtmann.
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    Yes, exactly like that but with shit running down your leg too.
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    Palm trees ftw! Marney Luther King once said: "I have a dream...................that one day.....................consoles..................will have modding capability....."
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    @DuP It's poster art from the merchandise R* were handing out at PAX, it'll be available from the R* Warehouse soon. I think it was titled "What's in the trunk?".
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    Sony are complete fucking sell-outs, fuck them and R*.
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    Just have to wait for the Sony/Take-Two announcement, see what those greedy bastards have to say for themselves. Not all bad though, 'The Pirates Chest' sounds good.
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    Yeah, sometimes those guys just know too much. You'd think they had a mole on the inside or something.