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CaPn bOnEs

iGTA Night - July 26 (PS4)

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Here it is: I actually get the picking up and brushing off part of your post, Kuz, and thought almost all of it was lovely, but saying "ive never seen you as the boss/authority/etc" and referring to him as mere "topic creator and most active Twittererer..." struck me as disrespectful and condescending, a belittling way of depicting what bOnEs has been doing for our group for the last few years. So I stuck up my for my good friend Adam. The friendships and connections we build here are real, I don't care if I may never meet most of you irl. In this, there is a lovely echo of how Mercy always loyally chimes in if she feels I've been too hard on you. 




You are 100%. I made assumptions, and I salute you (both) for calling me out on it. It made me stop and consider the own hells I've been surviving in the last few years...which reminded me of the saying, Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. I was unkind, and for this I sincerely beg your pardon. 


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Jesus. I see I'm not the only one who had their grouchy pie today. igta PMS night #2.


Seriously though. I should apologize for my attitude last night, as I clearly offended some of you. I don't want to make excuses for my attitude, but on top of me quitting smoking my family doctor decided last week would be the perfect time to change my anxiety/depression medication. So quite honestly I have been over the deep end these few weeks, and until I'm readjusted to the lack of nicotine and new meds, I probably will be a grumpis for the next while. Again, I am sorry for my attitude and I don't want to make excuses, but I hope at least you can understand why I haven't been myself. Maybe I should take a break too...


As for you bones, I hope me picking on your jobs last night didn't add to your breakdown... But don't feel bad about wanting to take a break, hell I've felt the same way as you do about GTA for quite a while, I didn't play for weeks and it wasn't until I got myself a warehouse that I actually started to enjoy playing the game itself again. Don't worry about hosting the events, it looks like there's more than enough people willing to cover you, hell, maybe we could get some more organisers to take the pressure off you tuesday nights.

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In a perfect world, grenade tennis would be an actual in-game activity.


In a perfect world, Rockstar would stop fucking around with their shitty online mode and get to work on GTA VI.


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iGTA Presents


Going for the high jump!










The Shotput





Discus Throw







The triathlon 



The 100 metre



Can't be the Olympics without Rings



iGTA Olympic Wresting (Royal Rumble)





Base Jumping





And we have a top Three!




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I thought saying what i said, would give bOnEs the reaction of "Oh, they don't expect me to keep everything in order? Good. One less thing to stress about." That and I think the whole idea of being the "nanny/babysitter" etc of dozens of full grown adults is pretty disrespectful and condescending in it's own way. I know he doesn't mean to insult any of us by it but sometimes our intentions don't always bring about the best results, ie. My fail.


Anyhow, bro hug, xoxo, yada yada. No worries gtagrl. I appreciate the explanation. We're cool :drunk:

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nah kuz, in recent months i've had to moderate more... the nanny moniker makes sense to me... but it's that feeling that we're all kind of just going thru the motions now, it's a number of years into a weekly journey that can really take it's toll if you're there most nights... i need to be like you, kuz... take a few weeks off and pop in every now and then... it's the weekly thing that is starting to wear on me... plus like i said, i am dealing with other things that i don't feel like i am required to talk about... i'm good at ignoring that stuff, everyone i know can never tell when something is bothering me deep down... i repress the shit out of it... it just all came crashing down tuesday night after crew night...


hence the break... i won't be there next week, but i want to at least play the first playlist on stunt night ;) so there's that to look forward to B)...




UPDATE: sooooo, here be me snaps B)...


gta tennis...








igta fight night...








getting weevland...07-26-16-07.png


getting casey'd...








first event medal winners... 1st: dup... 2nd: dio... 3rd: bones...




getting in some practice reps...




lol i dunno :lol:...




demo derby...






scooter'n the intermission stunt playlist...






bmx stuntin' big mother trucker style...








even more explosions...




back of the truck...




igta track and field...




north and grl getting ready to race...




dio doing some last minute stretches (i want that damn haircut BTW :()...




a tire...














"medal winners" :shifty:... 1st: gtagrl... 2nd: fanboy... 3rd: north...




...aaaaand that concludes my snaps... nothing video worthy this week from my clips...

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I too wish that short mohawk was a permanent haircut. It's kinda cool. 



So are we ready to put up next weeks topic gtagrl? Or should I do the honour?  I feel those should go up Friday or Saturday to people checking in over the weekend will see them. not that it matters too much with next weeks no theme. 

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Yeah, I was thinking of posting new topics on Fridays too, in the evenings after suppertime, but if you get to it before me I really won't mind. :) 

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We need to add Rock Night to the event schedule somewhere along the line. I want to dress as one of KISS lol... I wish guys could wear woman clothing, i'd go for the Dee Snider look lmao. Also Wrestling/Fight Night.


Also, here's a couple more suggestions i can think of:


Law Enforcement Night - Take the law into your own hands, and dress as cops/medics/doctors/firefighters (if you can pull it off), and track down criminals, collect roadkill, tackle fires. If we can't do it in freemode, we'll have to do it in custom jobs.


Vehicle Brand Expo -  Whether it's Pegassi, Ferocious or Obey, we all buy vehicles dedicated to that brand, and show them off in a showroom style event. This could be done on multiple crew nights too.


Dapper Animals - We sort of Incorporated this into standard crew blue nights in the past. Dress in suits  with your favourite animal mask on, and roll with style.

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