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iGTA Night - Dec. 29 (PS4)

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While looking through my first clip for some decent pics I came across a sign of things to come




Great balls of orange! The prophecy warned us about hitting the spot!




Casey being a lady and looking away while the boys play with their balls




Indiana Jones'd by a giant orange ball




I made it but the others weren't so lucky








Random NPC madness. Watch out! Grammaws got a truck




Grammaw hates minivans




"Fuck yo' minivan" -Grammaw




Overall an awesome crew night, glad there were so many of us. I don't think I've ever played in crew session with that many people before.


Here's one last pic for the IGTA MC



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the last of my crew night snaps B)...




blowing up bigboss and his fucking brown jacket, which ruined clips later in the evening because it messed up lineups...




jason trying to blow me up...




the skull partners (me and casey)




lost MC hideout lineup...




out of the way, old man!!




blowing up 3 people in front of me..




cage match...






for some reason when we were underground at the end of the night, the ground textures wouldn't load when looking at the clip... but i didn't mind, it helped to create a couple of pretty kick ass snaps... i'll keep that clip and see what else i can get from it...





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MC night was awesome. I have a couple of ideas for new theme nights in the future.

First one i discussed with some of you already. That was Vintage night. Everyone buy a sports classic, and have a car meet, show off our oldies in a nice vintage looking location. Do some classic races, enjoy the countryside etc.

And the second theme i was thinking of was Team America night. Save two outfits, one Army, with American/patriot themed clothing, and the other terroists with rag heads and AK's. Add some sucide bombing, tanks, and Durka Durka, and we're in for a fun night!

And no one has any excuse about not owning anything now, we all have enough money to buy whatever we need to make these themes happen!

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should we maybe just pass on MC night night, and do something different now? we can always re-visit that theme in the next few weeks... it's not like that emblem is going anywhere anytime soon, i can easily make it active again...


ahh fuck it, MC night again... i'll use my other account, it's been a while since i have for crew night...

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