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  1. beach bum fun! the meet up at the beach lol i liked how gtagrl had her arm around rjc cheech on the lurk, making moves hang on tight when the bails worth it beach running like baywatch lol lmao.... wtf workout tapes you been doing bones bike session in the fuckaround job god damn BMX can BMX, look at that air ! closing up the night with some drinking to celebrate nemo's epic capture!
  2. solid outfits all around! great times as always.. till next week! stay frosty! the airport hanger meet up outfits on point.. lost in the sawmill.. get that loot tho random gang attacks when your just chillin dusty.. fenced in.. and under the lights... seriously tho.. outfits 100% on point! hey.... are we missing someone? oooh, thats right.. BMX.... he parks in style Nemo's end of the night mega capture!!! fuck'n really well done! geez.... see you all next week!!!!
  3. lmao what a shit show!!! and i mean it in the best way possible !!!! 2 full parties together as one. Cena Hold On !!!! lets play wheres Dio. lmao i cant get over BMX's cena... wtf tho, epic as fuk ! emergency stop!... there were sooo many amazing picture from this scene. it was soo hard to pic one. lol look at dio escape from los santos...
  4. didnt have much room for clips this week, but still got some essentials ,.. i really need to delete every clip saved and start fresh, goals for next week.
  5. after being absent for a month due to working nightshift, it felt soo good to be back . lots of laughs throughout the night, great times as always!!!! have a great week everyone! igta love
  6. great times! loved the logo bones! bangin jobs too everyone ! thanks for taking the time to update your jobs dio, that was dope!
  7. thanks alot dup! i totally asked dio "not" to put that race in the playlist lol.. its all good tho, i enjoy the feed back. i think a crew night "creator content" would be amazing.. im sure if its planned far in advance, everyone should be able to pull something together ... i loved that forest tree sniper match! was that yours dup?
  8. part2, went overboard with the drive-by setup by bones. but it was super fukn cool!!! epic vine too bones!
  9. good times as always! heres the first wave.. i took too many photos, but i loved them all so much. my gallery is full and i have to post photos so i can delete them to be able to upload more..
  10. great night all! got some great shots, only going to post ones that are not similar to ones already posted. i cant speak highly enough about how much i love playing crew created jobs. i have alot of respect for those of you spending time in the creator for the fun of everyone else. you have inspired me to make a serious effort to contribute jobs and races for themed crew nights. looking forward to next week ladies and gents! stay fresh!
  11. sorry for the late post.. busy week, but i didnt want to rush through the many amazing clips i saved. really great photos and videos everyone !!! shit was funny as a mother fukr.... lol you can see how nicely it played out... we trained for the mission, we went on the mission, but we got cocky... terrorist win...
  12. hot damn..!! sweet vid jason! and alot of really good photos! good times as always, the jobs were amazing.. really really well done to everyone who made a job for lastnight! big ups!
  13. couple group shots and the train tunnel madness
  14. yes yes & yes great video gtagrl! Boyah! bones... has there been Gang night.? like specifically green vs purple vs yellow? that could be fun, il brainstorm some stuff and get back to you. but i really like apocalypse night
  15. hahaha Bones your photos are so funny! i like how you tell the story as you go along... Dup! i couldnt agree more, that was the only one that worked out, i think due to the fact that the first corner was a hairpin, it kept us all together. but after turn 2, wow, what a mess lol. Dio! man.. if you attack some clips this weekend, hit me up. it love to drift some planned group shots for real! last note, i would love to have Monster truck night some time in the future. i understand that not everyone might have a one, but i am willing to help anyone who wants one, and by that, i mean doing a heist and giving you all the money. let me know what you guys think. as for next week. im up for whatever. maybe i should look through the crew nights past, and see what you guys have already done