iGTA Xbox Get together.

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I don't think it was? I dunno I was 'in a greener state of mind' at that point.

I couldn't join from your profile. I feel as though I cheated you out of a Free Roam. If you feel the same, please accept my sincerest apologies.

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Getting on TBoGT later with Avryne and hopefully others. We'll probably start out in party mode and move to free roam and races as the night goes on. I should be getting on around 10:30-11pm Central. Join us proud americans.

Edit. That was mean. Please join us.

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No we played. It was only Avryne, Brandonskates and I, but we had fun.

Right of the bat we tried to do some co-op on TL&D, but it wouldnt let us due to some of us having the episodes disc, and some of us downloaded it. Which is pretty much bullshit if you ask me, its the same game. From there we moved to TBoGT freeroam, which let us play fine. I think most of our time was spent dicking around with different cars at the docks in Alderney. And faking 'heists' where we would go park a car outside of a chosen establishment, hole up for a while, while we generate a wanted level, then take said car and try to make an escape.

We'll probably be back on tonight I bet. I'll try and remember to take some pictures this time around.

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