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The lion. The sole definition of alpha. The ambassador of strength. Also, Sporting's club symbol:


Running second:


The Silverback. Because they could shit over all other land animals.

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Cats are. Don't like dogs, too loud and you have to take them out for walks.

*serious answer*

Yah, your right. Litter boxes that stink up your entire house are much, much, better.

My favorite animal is a flounder, by the way.

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Guest Marney-1

Litter boxes don't stink if you clean them regularly. Otherwise, it's like not flushing the toilet.

Cat litter can cause your carbon monoxide detector to give a false alarm. Just sayin'.

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hello friends today i been looking at different animals in the internet. animals are a passion of mine i developed from a young age when i saw a doctorumentry about cheetahs and was absorbed. since them i have developed my animal ratings and now have a lot of animals that i like and less animals that i don't know i sometimes read my animal encyclopedia to find out more of my favourite animals and now i want to share them because i am just so happy thinking about them please you can post some of your favourite animals as well and i will look at them so i have like more animals. now onto the gallary:

ethiopian wolf


this large amphibian evolved in africa and hunts in the serengeti eating a wide variety of food including birds and coffee beans.

leopard seal


this species is known for its face which looks like a leopard and its similar hunting techniques eating a lot of meat.



this elegant carnivore is one of the top predators in its environment and it very violent.



this big cat is native to australia and has since populated zoos throughout the world. carnivorous.

komodo dragon


the komodo dragon was found by charles darwin in the galapocos islands and legend says he fought away one for accidently going into its territory.



this land animal can reach speeds of 90 mph and can beat a car in a 100m sprint. it uses its elusive speed to outrun predators such as the gazelle.

iberian lynx


native to iberia (south of siberia) this land cat is lovely but critically endangered please donate now.



this wild omnivore is large and eats plants such as grass, eats other cows and drinks milk.

black mamba


this poisonous amphibian contains enough poison to poison fatally 400 men and is the most poisonous snake.

blue sheep


this animal derives its name from its speedy footwork enabling it run down and maneuver rocky cliffs very quickly allowing to run away even from a snow leopard.

there you go friends that is just 10 of my favourite animals in the world join me next time to find out my top 10 plants and bacterium. i hope you at least learnt 1 thing please show me your animals because i am ready to learn more too thank. x

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