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  1. I don't know much about xbox360 innards, but being owned by microsoft i wonder to what extent is it similar with pc hardware and, on the other hand, how different is it from ps3 hardware. anyone got any hints on that?
  2. a virtual city is way more detailed than a virtual wilderness/wasteland. in gtaIV world more things/elements/aspects have to fit together in a functional way, while in RDR such constrains are much more permissive (smaller towns, fewer routines, etc). rockstar can't possibly rush a big city just to please eager fans. so i don't think more than one city would be... how should i put it... feasable right now. however, if it will be true that for a first time the land is not an island, but a continent (thus half ocean, half desert) i'd expect them to simply restrict the player from going on the other side of the mountains, but also have a blocked tunel (in construction), like that one from shoreside vale in gta3. this would give rockstar the "hinge" to unblock a new area of the map with a new dlc and a new city, like las venturas or san fierro.
  3. no need to complain for Las Venturas or San Fierro yet, gta5 will sure have at least 2 dlc, might aswell be these cities, with new stories or continuing the one from Los Santos.
  4. i predict some obvious inspiration from Heat (though not a blatant copy), the classy guy looks a bit like de Niro.