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    Keypad Secret?

    I played this mission recently, so I remember it well. The first keypad puzzle (IP hack) - there's 2 things to remember: 1. The numbers are moving in lines, from right to left, starting from the bottom right and then ascending (moving line up, etc.). 2. You only need to look for the first 2 digits. The rest of the IP No. will match. I did it this way: set the cursor in the middle of the 2nd line from the bottom and looked for the first 2 digits of the IP No. to show in the bottom right corner. Then it's all about timing. The second keypad puzzle (security code) is actually more difficult, as each line is rolling faster. But you can make 2 mistaakes, and knowing the way to tackle the IP puzzle, eventually you'll get this right, too.
  2. The heist mission in GTA SA was one of the best mission in the GTA world altogether. I like they came back to this idea and I am looking forward to expansion of the heist concept. Strategy and shit. I don;t expect much, but this - along with the option to switch between the 3 protagonists - makes GTA V a game with a prospective high replay value.
  3. Perhaps we're getting to play as a chick this time, huh? Yeah, I know GTA SA had a chick on advertizing posters, as well.
  4. It's dead simple now. Major new releases (like in music industry) come either in spring (March-May) or in fall (Sep-Nov). As R* have recently increased frequency on GTA V updates, they're preparing...no, not to release the game yet, but to launch second trailer, let's say in October. Then some more screens and additional info (map? main protagonist? new activities? new vehicles?) till X-mas time followed by third trailer preceding the D-day by roughly a month. March/April 2013 release it is then, isn't it? It surely does make sense. Unless of course, V's release gets postponed as it happened with IV.
  5. Looking back on GTA radio stations, I can't help noticing the influence on my music tastes. I got to know lots of great music through those games... Speaking of which, I have to mention: 1. The Scientist - Your Teeth In My Neck (GTA III) 2. Underdog - Back to Back (GTA IV) 3. Ice Cube - It Was a Good Day (GTA SA) 4. Bad Brains - Right Brigade (GTA IV) 5. Deicide - Dead By Dawn (GTA IV) 6. She's On Fire (GTA III) 7. Heart - Barracuda (GTA SA) 8. Living Colour - Cult Of Personality (GTA SA) 9. Max Romeo & The Upsetters - Chase The Devil (GTA SA) 10. Bob Marley and the Wailers - So Much Trouble In The World (GTA IV) There are lots of classic songs I didn't mention above, simply as I had known them by heart before playing GTA (that goes mainly to rock/metal stations).
  6. I'd usually say on such occassion that GTA III is the shit, partly due to the fact that it's my first contact with the GTA world. GTA III was also the groundbreaking enterprise, it marks the beginning of the sandbox genre (I guess). But all in all, San Andreas has more assets, offers much more possibilities and finally has a protagonist that doesn't drown in water!
  7. So, we have the report . In section products to be released, GTA V is of course still listed without a release date, but all future games are listed chronologically by the release date and GTA V sits between BioShock Infinite (scheduled for Feb 26th 2013) and XCOM (scheduled for fiscal year 2014) which sort of suggests GTA V is planned to be released somewhere in 2013, but not earlier than in March. That ^^ would make me still eligible for winning the release date contest
  8. Well, first of all my local team, Legia. With foreign teams, it's less intense, but I've also been a great fan of FC Barcelona for over 20 years now. In England I keep my finers crossed for Liverpool FC, in Italy it's usually Milan, and in Germany I'm closest to Borussia Dortmund, since 1994 and Lars Ricken, haha. I enjoy watching Premiership and La Liga on the cable every weekend.
  9. So I got back home, loaded last saved game (i.e. the one where I experienced problems) and...discovered everything went back to normal. Dunno how and why the traffic was missing earlier, but I guess such problems simply happen and then disappear. Now I can go on with those great countryside missions, love'em!
  10. I'm 100% positive I didn't use any cheats at all. First of all, I have never cheated on console. I migh'tve put in a cheat by accident when pressing various buttons when the glitch occurred, but then I'd get a warning before saving game. I will check out how the traffic looks if I start from other save files later when I get home.
  11. I haven't come across a general gameplay problem related thread for GTA games, so maybe it's time to create one. I have a problem with my San Andreas game I'm playing right now. After completing Wu Zi Mu mission (the first race in the Countryside, mission given by Cesar) I was fooling around The Panopticon area, then swam to Flint County and ran to the cargo depot at Fallen Tree. It's there where I experienced a problem. I tried to cut a corner outside the depot fence, ran into concrete wall under fence and saw "LOADING..." on a black bar on the screen. Vision started to blur, pause-menu map started to be visible through, everything was white and red. I thought it was yet another Blue Hell incident, but I couldn't do shit and CJ didn't respawn. When I opened the map in the pause menu, all of San Andreas was as if accessible to me (no greyish areas, even though I haven't unlocked the Desert/LV part yet), but there was no location marker and when I entered the map, it only showed blue (water) all around, no chance of zooming out. After some time I restarted the game from last save, completed the race once again, but after a while I realized there is no traffic anywhere. I know it is possible to put in a cheat code for that, but I haven't done that. Even if done by accident, I would've got the warning before saving and that didn't happen. I entered a safehouse and hoped the traffic returns, but none of that occurred. There are peds, parked vehicles and flying planes, otherwise no traffic outside mission-specific vehicles when I start a mission. Any idea what has happened and how it may be undone? Notice, I haven't saved after the Fallen Tree glitch (I wasn't even able to).
  12. Hi guys, I was registered as 6shooter at iGrandTheftAuto.com, gta4.tv, and have been around since (my still favorite) gta-sanandreas.com. I wanted to register shortly prior to GTA V release date, as I favor discussion of the released game over speculations, but a problem with GTA SA I'm experiencing (yeah, I'm replaying this game once again!) has brought me here earlier than planned. BTW, I'm 35, a metalhead and a football (soccer) fan.