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  1. Damn GTA is the only series that i'd even consider getting the collectors edition of their games. Sucks we don't get a statue or metalbox, but i bought IV collectors edition and I just pre-ordered this one! Sucked that i missed San Andreas CE what came with it?
  2. Fat fuck? geez didnt' know being an author was that rough. I'm pretty sure he's finishing it, or at least getting someone else to finish it. Dany even near westeros yet? story's sure taking it's sweet ass time.
  3. Franklin's repo job? Operation repo it up!
  4. No. Nope. They are based on Tree-Top Piru. Plus, with Rockstar saying that the Ballas will not open fire on you or even fight you unless they are aggravated is somewhat gay. It's just like in IV and EFLC. I could play as Johnny, walk right up to the AOD clubhouse with members outside and not a damn thing would happen. Shit they might as well make it were the Ballas give you a hug when you pass them. Lol. I hope they change this *makes a serious face* Hopefully they still remain hostile to you, just don't start shooting until you aggravate them. Balla: "Yo what set you from?!" CJ: "GROVE-ST BITCH!" *bang bang! or Balla: "You Famlies?! nigguh?!" CJ: "Nah man imma nobody" Balla: "Fuck off then!! Buster!!" Loved the left-right pad conversations I definitely don't remember individual gang signs on the ps2 version. Every one threw up OGF. I always thought the Families were originally Orange Grove Families, which Sweet started in the 80's?
  5. I knew it was Dire Dire Docks.... it always will be....I can't wait for them underwater shark fights!!
  6. BRAGI3

    WWE 13!

    Man i haven't batted an eye at the WWE since i saw the Great Khali fight the Bigshow but when i saw that WWE13 had the Attitude Era i was sold, pre-ordered the bastard yesterday, probably buy FAN AXXXES as well (TOO COOL FTW!!). Some of the greatest personalities were born in that era. My question is, by bringing back Attitude Era are they admitting that their Modern Show sucks dog balls? Because it does...
  7. I remember playing pitfall harry at school and trading floppydisk games.... good times.... internet came.... and then i did.... for the first time...
  8. It would be hilarious if they brung back Hostile neighborhoods like in the GTA3 era, i missed people actually picking a fight with you in GTAIV.... Like in VC when you drove into Little Haiti to get to Kauffman Cabs and youd be welcomed with a hail of gunfire, or wasting time watching the Cubans and the Haitians go at it between the borders of both turfs, made it fun to sneak around areas.
  9. BRAGI3

    360 vs PS3

    Own both but total preference towards my PS3, although i think that's because i'm used to the controller more than anything..along with blu-ray, and free online MP.. The only time i whip out the 360 is when i want to play L4D,DW5 Empires, or fable 1. I still don't understand why you have to pay money, no matter how small, to play online, unless there were specific benefits (I'm unsure if there is, please correct me if there is) I'd go gaming pc but that's a price hike, and i feel it's not the same as gaming on a console....
  10. Intel: The original slow Zombies for me cause imma purist haha Refuge: Where you will hold up. Hmmmm probably work cause i'll aready be there..... Multiple Reinforced Exits plus one service ladder that leads to The roof for an Air SOS(Zombies can't climb shit!!!!) wide, flat and sturdy enough to land a helicopter onto...Staff quarters upstairs with magnet key only doors which i have!!! Enough room to hold at least 100 upstairs Easy to lockdown (Aluminium Roller Sliders on display windows/doors, Gated outer dock) the only problem being dealing with Zombies in the Supermarket when living in a Supermarket in Nz with basically no firearms, shit loads of Knives and Bats though... Rationing: What you will do when you run out of food & water. Should the power be on there are 4 Freezer containers and 5 Chiller containers and Countless Dislplay freezers and fridges... if not, we got plenty of salt that we can use to preserve the freshmeats and enough dry food in store feed 100 on max rationing for i;m guessing 6 months probably longer than what it takes for help to arrive.. we have batteries and Basic Medical supplies so yeah.. Defence/Offence: Onlydownside.... we sell knives and Sportsbats and there's plenty of cleavers and machetes in the back for food prep, but we got no guns..... Haha didn't know some countries were pro-zombie
  11. I'd fuck a corpse for Necrophillia Awareness. Gee been trying to find a copy of The Warriors for a while... it was a brilliant game that not only stayed true to the movie but also threw in a convincing backstory for the setup of the film. Also the multiplayer games weren't crap either...And the bosses were hillarious (Weird fury with bats taped together) I'd be keen to see another game... but plotline?
  12. Where you ever BASE-RACE? Hah!!!! that's me!!! yeesh! what a page! Oh i see! This is a whole new site? Hey thanks Marney, were all accounts on the old forums re-created? or migrated?
  13. I thought the same thing. Tom Hardy is awesome but Christian Bale makes Hardy look smaller than he is(could be the Bat-Ears?).... will they make up for this with angles or post-editing? In the trailers it's not bad though..