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  1. Hey guys I just wanted to come on here and get your opinions on the new helicopter handling/control Rockstar has put in GTA 5. I made a video of the buzzard several days back and in the comments, there were a lot of people complaining that the helicopters 'suck' now compared to GTA 4. But all these guys were competitive pilots/dogfighters from GTA 4 and I just think that most of them are upset to be out of their comfort zone. So I just wanted to hear from some guys who werent necessarily harcore into the piloting aspect of GTA 4 and get their take on the GTA 5 helicopters. Do you think Rockstar pushed the realism too far? Do you feel that its ridiculously hard for you to fly from point A to point B? Please keep in mind that Im refering to how a heli feels when you fly it with a character with full flying skill. Thanks for reading..
  2. A multiplayer mode dedicated to piloting would be nice. A lot of GTA players hate on all pilots because of the few bad seeds who ruin free mode lobbies with spawn killing. A dogfight/piloting mode would surely fix that and expand on the trend of piloting on GTA.
  3. About your comments on the helicopters, it seems like you got in the heli just a few times on GTA IV and gave up because it was too hard. I'll admit, it is hard to learn because it actually takes skill to fly one, but once you learn, it is very fun and you can get lost for hours in helicopter battles through Libert City. Btw, in GTA IV they already have the cockpit view that you mentioned as well as first person, third person, tail view, and gun view. At first I wanted a crosshair too but I think it is perfect without one because of how your bullets can sway depending on the angle/speed. Plus it makes the pilots more skillful to fight without the crosshair. If you really cant do without one, you can easily make one on your TV without damaging it. (GTA IV TBOGT) There is a reason that Rockstar is putting so much emphasis on the piloting aspect of the game in GTA V. The saw how well it did in IV and how popular it became amongst competitive gamers. I think for the most part, the helicopter mechanics will remain the same with the exception of a few small tweaks on things like ammunition.
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